Monday, 7 November 2011

My Most Recent Follea Gripper Client

If you follow my blog, then you will know that i am a massive fan of Follea Wigs. I am also a UK Representative for Follea and offer Follea hair to my clients in the UK.

I recently had a lady come to see me who was interested in a Follea Gripper Sports wig. After our initial consultation she went away to have a think about things and decided to go a head with her purchase. She came back to me on Saturday to collect her new Follea Gripper Sports and we headed on down to the salon to have her a side fringe cut in and to have the ends trimmed off.

I am really happy to be able to share these fab pictures with you all of my client wearing her new hair :o)

I think she looks beautiful in her new hair, and it was so nice to walk out of the salon with her and see her do, what i like to call, the 'Follea Swish'!

Have you ever tried Follea hair? If you have then i bet you cant deny that even you have been guilty of the Follea Swish :o)

I would love to hear everyones comments .... so please feel free to leave some feedback below this blog post :o)

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair

Friday, 28 October 2011

A very happy bad hair day :o)

I am seeing a massive difference between what my new Follea Gripper is like compared to my usual Indian Remy wig/s that i have worn for the past 11 years or so. For instance, when i used to curl my Indian Remy wigs the curls would remain for days because the hair was so much coarser and dryer than my Follea wig. With my Follea wig though, because the hair is so silky, smooth and fine the curls don't last as long before they start to drop out of my hair. I quite like this though because that's what real hair does isn't it! At least that's what i always hear my friends complaining about when they curl their hair for nights out!

So yesterday i decided i would curl my Follea hair and i loved how all the layers in it made it easy to create volume (i have always longer for hair that's silky, shiny and full of body!) By this morning though my hair had dropped and was not as volumized as yesterday so i thought 'ok, I'll just comb it through and maybe straighten it for today'. By the time i had done some work and a spot of light housework it was nearly 1pm and, as i was expecting a friend over at pretty much anytime after 1pm i thought i better concentrate on getting my make up on before i started on my hair!

In true 'emma' fashion i never did get around to re styling my hair but it didn't matter really because as i stood and looked n the mirror i actually quite liked how it had dropped from curls to a soft wave with the odd bit of my hair flicking out slightly. If one of my friend hair had looked like that they would have been moaning at how the flicky bits were annoying them and they would be asking me if they could borrow my straighteners! But i liked it.

My usual bad hair days involve poker straight hair that sits flat against my head with no body or lift at my parting at all (not to mention ultra dry hair that struggles to move when the wind blows!) so for my follea to just look 'unevenly styled' but still feel as soft as butter, still move even when i just walk through my house, to not be frizzy and to still have the volume at my parting that i have always longed for i found myself quite happy to be having a 'bad hair' day.

Me and my friend ended up heading over to Killamarsh to the salon i use to cut and style my own and my clients hair (some 8 miles away) for her to have her hair cut and i kept looking around the salon thinking to myself 'everyone here will leave with perfectly styled hair and i will be leaving with my friend who will have a new cut and style and my hair will still look like bed hair! Its a fantastic feeling when your not used to it LOL

My partner Gary thinks i am crazy but i think deep down he understands who amazing it feels for me to have a happy bad hair day,

I am noticing the gorgeous plum colour in my Follea hair now more. I think when i first got it i was maybe in a bit of shock at actually having one so was focusing on everything apart from the hair colour! I have had lots of compliments on my hair and everyone has said what a beautiful colour it is (i had previously dyed my old Indian Remy wig plum red and after 2 washes it had faded to a dark ginger colour!)

Anyway i just thought i would share my happy bad hair day with you all :o)

Aspire Hair

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Daytime and night time hair

I remember when i was younger and my parents bought me my very first human hair wig. They payed a good amount of money for it and it was made of European hair (it cost around £1,700).

Back then i only really wore my hair when i went out of the house, when i was in i would leave my hair in my bedroom and wear a bandanna or sometimes even nothing at all if it was warm enough (my head has always got cold very quickly!)

Now I'm a mum and step mum i very rarely get the chance to walk about hair free .... even if i have to get up 3 - 4 times a night with one of the kids, i always find myself putting my hair back on before i leave the bedroom to go see to them! I'm not sure why i even do this because my kids know all about my alopecia and they see me without my hair on a daily basis anyway ..... maybe i do it just in case my step kids should happen to wander onto the landing whilst i am settling the little ones through the night ...

This got me thinking .... now that i have my new Gripper, i really do want to keep it in the best condition as possible, and putting it on and taking it off numerous times a night may not be the best thing for it in the long run! I have ruined quite a few supplex wigs doing this through the night ...... when I'm half a sleep i have this really bad habit of just 'plonking' my hair on and then pulling the ear tabs to position it, and with my supplex wigs, it has always ripped them over time, which is not the fate i want for my Gripper.

So i now have a dedicated 'night time hair' that can take the tugging and pulling of a half a sleep me through the night! My night time hair is just an old wig that feels so un comfortable if i wear it for more than ten minutes but for the constant hair on  .... hair off action that are my night times i will do the job perfectly LOL

A short blog this evening but thought i would share it with everyone non the less :o)

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Day 3 .... me and my Follea Gripper

So today is day three of wearing my new Follea Gripper and i thought it would be a good time to check in with you ladies (and gents) and let you know my first impressions as an everyday wearer and how i am getting along with my new hair.

Me in my Gripper :o)

When my Follea Gripper arrived and i took it out of the bag it was flat from travelling. This was easily solved by a quick shampoo and condition. Take a look at the pics below of what my gripper looked like straight out of the bag.

After i shampooed and conditioned it i gently blotted it with a clean, dry towel and left it wrapped up in the towel for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes it was just damp and i find the easiest way to put my parting into new hair is to put it on and do it.

So on my new Gripper went and i quickly positioned my parting before blow drying it on a medium setting until dry. I didn't have to use any product (mousse, gel, etc) to style it and i only used my brush when it was dry to quickly run through the hair. Easy peasy! I didn't even have to use the straighteners on my new hair either. The results are below .....

Now, i am no photographer but i think the pics pretty much speak for themselves! In a nut shell i love my new hair in a way that i have never even felt before. I know it might sound corny, but i really do feel like a new woman in my new Gripper :o)

I am finding it comfortable to wear all day long and very easy to clean at bed time. All i do is wipe over the silicone areas with a clean, damp flannel and I'm ready for the next morning to just pop on my Gripper and away i go!

I wondered if wearing the Gripper all day would make my head hot but i am pleased to report that it does not, and it is so much cooler than my Supplex.

I am going to put all this info into a video and upload it to YouTube as soon as i get chance :o)

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair

Friday, 21 October 2011

Another one of my gorgeous customer!

I always like to blog about my customers and their new hair (with their permission of course!) and today i thought i would share with you all some photos that a customer had emailed me.

If you are a fan of my Facebook page then you will have already seen these photos ... if your not a fan of my Facebook page then why not! Get yourself onto Facebook and like mt page :o)

I have talked a lot about the Jon Renau SmartLace range over the past few months, and the range is still proving to be very popular amongst my ladies with alopecia and also with ladies who just simply want a natural looking wig to give their own hair a break from colouring / processing etc ....

I think pictures of 'real' women wearing the different wigs and system available today are really useful and give you a good understanding at how versatile a wig can be as well as how natural they can look.

The pictures below show Amy wearing her new Human Hair Kate SmartLace wig by Jon Renau. The colour Amy went for was the 14/26.

Just a very short Blog today, but i hope that the pictures are useful to anyone who is considering getting their very own HH smartlace wig.

As always i welcome comments and feedback :o) What do you think of Amy's new hair? I think it looks fab!

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Days away from Follea

I am now mere days away from receiving my very own Follea Gripper and after initially making the decision to go with a light blond colour i have done a complete u turn and decided to go back dark! Its so strange how i am good at helping people make decisions for them self if they need me to, yet when it comes to me and my own hair ..... I'm rubbish!

The new (and final decision) colour am going for is a gorgeous rich, plum colour. Whilst on my mission to decide on a colour for my Gripper, i pulled my father in law into the living room and asked his opinion (i was stuck between 3 colours!) He summed up the plum colour very well and called it ' A rich, dark colour that has a beautiful shimmer to it when the sun light hits it!' He also commented on the Follea wigs themselves and couldn't believe the difference between the hair quality of the Supplex i am currently wearing and the Follea hair. He then proceeded to walk in on my whilst i was putting my Supplex on in our downstairs loo! This resulted in me in fits of giggles and my father in law looking very flustered and having to walk outside!

I think he thought that i would be upset .... maybe even offended that he had seen me, which of course i was not at all. Bless him, he is such a lovely man and always worries that he may have upset someone , awww :o)

I have popped a few pics below of the Plum colour that i have decided on. The length i am having is still the shorter length, i think it will be an easy length to manage and seems to suit my face shape better than longer hair.

I apologise if the pictures are a poor quality, this was not a planned blog just a quick one as i wanted to let you guys know how excited i am :o) The pictures were taken on my Blackberry.

I cant wait to receive my new hair and will no doubt be blogging about the first wash, first style, first wear etc ....

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Checklist

I meet with ladies, men and children with alopecia / hair loss almost daily in my line of work. Many of them come to me for new hair, ultimately, but also they come to me for my advice.

A few days ago, a lovely lady came to me for a consultation. I had spoken with her on the telephone and via email for quite a while previous to our appointment being arranged, and she was pretty certain that she knew exactly what she wanted, and what she said she wanted was a bonded lace system. Now .... when i first started my business and began offering my clients consultations, I used to take it for granted that every client was 'experienced' as a hair wearer and that they fully 'understood' what they were actually asking for. It became obvious though very quickly that, although all the information was out there about different wigs and systems (online) that many people still get very confused by the whole world of new hair! And to be honest ..... when i sat back and looked at it all i was not surprised at how people were getting their head in a spin over everything!

The amount of choice we have available to us is immense! Which, in one way is a good thing, but in another way, extremely confusing.

We have the choice of lace systems, synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, welded lace wigs. Then throw into the beg the generous amounts of materials that we have on offer .... monofilament, poly, silicone, Hollywood lace, Swiss lace , french lace, silk ...... No wonder peoples head are spinning!

But whats my point? The point i am trying to make is that although all this choice is great, it can also make the process of buying your new hair feel like its impossible. I really do believe that this is where i come into it. I meet with new clients all the time that have come to me, from a different company and they are really struggling with their choice of hair. Some have spent thousands of pounds trying to find a wig / system that they will be happy with and keep failing to find that 'perfect' new hair.

The most IMPORTANT part of my job (and the part i enjoy the most :o) Is meeting with clients and going through all the options available to them. The very first thing i do once we get sat down with a cup of tea/coffee is get my pad and a pen and go through a checklist of things,

Questions i ask ........

  • How long have you had alopecia / hair loss?
  • What have you tried before?
  • Do you sleep in your current wig / system?
  • Do you like to change the style of your hair often?
  • What kind of job do you do?
  • Do you play sports often / go to the gym?
  • What is the first thing you like to do when you get home from work / school run?

These questions may seem a little silly to some people, and i just want to point out that i dont ask them in a 'checklist' style (IE ... bombard clients with question after question!) I work the very important checklist into our conversation ..... most people dont even realise i am even asking them questions that are relevant to their hair loss or situation!

Why do i ask these questions? Explanations are below ...

  • How long have you had alopecia / hair loss? How my client answers this question gives me a good indication of how they are coping with their hair loss. I have met with people who are truely devastated by their alopecia, and when we are upset and grieving for our hair we struggle to take in information about wigs / systems. It almost feels like we are in shock. If this is the case, i know to take things very slowly and to go over things more than once. A 2 hour consultation is not UN heard of in a situation like this.

  • What have you tried before? This tells me what you have tried in the past and what has not worked for you as you would have hoped.

  • Do you sleep in your current wig / system? Some wigs / systems are designed for extended / sleeping wear, others are not. Again, your answer to this questions helps me understand what is going to work the best for you.

  • Do you like to change the style of your hair often? This gives me a good indication of what will best suit your needs, human hair or synthetic.

  • What kind of job do you do? Do you work in a bakery? does your hair need to be tried back? Your new hair solution needs to fit into your lifestyle and that includes your job.

  • Do you play sports often / go to the gym? If yes, you need to feel extra secure,

  • What is the first thing you like to do when you get home from work / school run? What we do when we walk through the door after work / school run is a big part of our routine ... for example, as soon as i walk in from the school run, i like to put some comfy trousers on and a vest top, along with my favourite pair of slippers or bed socks! I feel comfortable running around after my kids this way :o) If a client says to me that when they walk in from work the first thing they do is take their hair off and put on a bandanna ...... then this lets me know straight away that a bonded system will not be the best option for you!

You can see that by using my checklist, i am able to gain valuable information about the individual client i have sat across from me. Because that's another important thing as well, we are all individuals. What suits one person will probably not suit another person quite so well.

The most important question out of my checklist in my opinion is ... What is the first thing you like to do when you walk through the door from work / the school run. This is my comfort question, we have to feel comfortable !

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair

Monday, 17 October 2011

My Follea Gripper :o)

Hello my fellow hair wearing buddies! :o)

After having my Supplex for quite some time now i have finally decided to order my very own Follea Gripper. To say that i am just a little excited is a major understatement ! I am so excited that it is all i have been able to think about these past few days, and (much to Gary's annoyance) all i have been able to talk about to everyone i come into contact with!

I have such a high expectation from Follea, based on the feedback i get from ladies that wear them and my own experience with offering them to my customers, and i cant wait to share my experience with you guys right here on my blog. From the first wash to the initial styling (and more!).

In true 'Emma' style .... i have decided to go for the total opposite in terms of colour to my Supplex that i am wearing at present. I ordered my Supplex in a colour 3#, and after a few months i got bored with its faded colour so decided i would dye it vibrant red! The process when smoothly and i loved the new colour so all was good! Now though, for my very first Follea Gripper, i have decided that i would like to go back to light blond. My neighbours and my kids school / nursery will be very confused but it will just give me the chance to talk a little more about Follea so all is good LOL!

OK, so below is what i am wearing right now .... My Supplex in my custom created colour of vibrant red! (the camera does not pick up the colour too well sorry, also excuse the strange expression on my face! I was not drunk, the sun was shining in my eyes!!

Me and my Supplex :o)

......... and below is the colour my Supplex was originally ......

Supplex in a colour 3# :o)

So you can see from the pictures above that i have been wearing dark coloured hair. Below is the colour and length i have chosen for my new Follea Gripper. It is totally different to what i have been wearing but the way i see it is i am going to be wearing my new Follea Gripper day in, day out for quite a while so i might as well get the colour i really want (and everyone agrees that with my skin tone / eye colour light hair suits me a little better than darker hair :o)

The pictures above are a little flat, but it shows the colour and length well i think.

I will keep everyone updates on when my new Follea Gripper arrives and how everything goes :o)

I am sooooooooo excited!

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair

Friday, 16 September 2011

The Spicy HD SmartLace Wig by Jon Renau (Review)

So the new Spicy HD SmartLace Wig by Jon Renau arrived with me yesterday and i was really eager to see how it looked and also how it was going to last.

First lets just have a little re-cap on the Spicy HD Wig ...

The Spicy wig by Jon Renau is a brand new addition to their already massively popular SmartLace wigs.
Turn up the heat with this come hither HD style! Wear the beautiful beach wave as it comes or straighten and curl the heat defiant fibre to fit your mood. The SmartLace hairline and 100 percent hand-tied cap construction create an ultra realistic appearance. Spicy comes pre styled and ready to wear straight out of the box.

Cap construction; Lace front / Hand-Tied / Monofilament
Cap size - Average
Lengths - Bangs 8.5" / Crown 9" / Sides 10" / Nape 12"
Weight - 4.2oz
Colours Shown - FS26/31 / 1BRH30 / 6F27

Today is my first day of actually wearing the Spicy wig and so far i am not experiencing any problems. Like all wigs though, as a wearer, you will experience pros and cons's. My pro's and con's list is below ....

Good Points
  • A good sized cap. It is an medium head size but can be made smaller which is great for me as i have a small head.
  • Its pre styled so i don't have to make a trip to the salon.
  • The fibre hair is a natural density and is soft and does not have an UN-natural shine to it.
  • Spicy is 100% hand-tied so is totally enclosed.
  • Spicy has a Monofilament top so the hair can easily be parted left, right or centre.
  • It looked good right out of the box.

Bad Points

  • Maybe its just my exceptionally paler than pale skin tone ... but i have found that the Smartlace front does not blend flawlessly with my skin tone. It has a brownish tinge to it against my skin, A returning client came to me earlier today who has an olive skin tone and her new Zara SmartLace blended flawlessly with her skin tone (maybe ill get out my bottle of fake tan!)
  • The fibre is synthetic, which is not in itself a bad point .... but i am hoping for the price the Spicy HD Wig is, that it will last well (more of a concern than a bad point i guess you could say!)
  • There are no tape tab areas :( This would have been really useful to add a little tape if i wanted extra security.

As always i love taking pictures of wigs / hair systems and putting them on the blog, so take a look below at some pictures of the Spicy HD Wig when she arrived and what she looks like on.

Spicy straight out of the box

Side view of Spicy

Back view of Spicy

Right side view

The SmartLace hairline

The cap construction

Front pictures shows the welded lace front and monofilament top

The colour i chose .... 4/33

So here i am wearing Spicy straight out of the box ... all i did was place my parting.

and me again ....

... and again! ...

As you can see from the picture i have straightened half of the spicy using my straighteners. It was easy peasy!!

And the finished look!

A little look at the front hairline ... you can just see that on me the lace colour is just that tad to dark to be totally flawless.

See my son in the background?! He did such a good job of keeping me company whilst i played with the spicy wig and took my pics.

Like butter wouldn;t melt eh?! Not quite!

I had to take the pictures using my Blackberry phone as i loaned my camera out yesterday and it has not been returned yet :) The picture quality is not the best but i think you can get a good idea of what spicy is all about :)

Let me know what you think and ill keep you all informed on how it goes wearing the Spicy wig!

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair

Sunday, 11 September 2011

The HD SmartLace Wig by Jon Renau

As you all know, The Jon Renau SmartLace wigs are one of my very favourite collections of synthetic wigs. I love the natural SmartLace fronts and how the synthetic fibre they use in their SmartLace Wigs is ultra fine and very natural looking. I also love the fact that the density of the wigs are very natural and how you don't get that 'bulky' feel when your wearing them.

So you can imagine my excitement when i received news of the new HD collection that Jon Renau have just brought out!

The Following is copied from the HD brochure i received from Jon Renau ....

"Its the revolution you've been waiting for! Finally he new Jon Renau HD wig collection combines the easy wear ability of synthetic wigs with the flexible styling of human hair in a beautiful array of naturally gorgeous options. The new collection boasts 5 new SmartLace designs and one new Mono top style that your sure to love!

Using breakthrough heat defiant fibres Jon Renau HD wigs are designed to give you the power to reinvent your look day after day. Blow dry, flat iron, crimp and curl HD wigs just like natural human hair - the fibres can be styled with heat up to 350 degrees. Perfect for high energy days or haute couture nights. HD wigs can be restyled daily to suit your mood, or worn straight out of the box for stunning, all day beauty.

HD fibre, with its ultra fine denier and true to life feel, is more luxurious and realistic than any other synthetic hair on the market, because of the texture and resilient structure of this technologically advanced fibre. HD wigs capture the natural sheen and glossy touch of healthy human hair."

Well ..... that's quite a promise isn't it! A synthetic, heat defiant fibre that can withstand daily heat styling and still look fab ...... The proof will be in the pudding as we say here in England and what better pudding to test drive this new collection than yours truly!

I have ordered in one of the new HD wigs and the style i chose to try out was the Spicy wig, which is the most expensive out of the collection due to the cap being 100% hand tied. I love the idea of being able to wear hair that holds its original style everyday, is heat resistant, looks natural and gives you the flexibility to style with heat and i am hoping and praying that the fibre will withstand well and stay looking gorgeous for longer, and i only way to know for sure is to wear one every day, so that's what i plan on doing. That way i Can give an honest review on the new HD wigs which hopefully will be helpful to anyone out there looking to purchase one in the future.

So, with all that now off my chest lets go ahead and take a look at some pictures on the new HD collection from Jon Renau :)

'Fiery' - Colour shown 14/26. The cap construction of Fiery is Lace front / Monolimament top / wefted back

'Haute' - Colour shown 14/26. The cap construction on Haute is Lace front / Monofilament part

'Heat' - Colour shown 6F27. The cap construction on Heat is Lace front / Open cap

'Ignite' - Colour shown 32F. The cap construction on Heat is Lace front / Open cap

'Spicy' - Colour shown 6F27. The cap construction on Spicy is Lace front / Monofilament top / 100% Hand-tied cap

  As you can see from the captions underneath the pictures the cap constructions are slightly different on each style of HD wig. Take a look below for some pictures of the different cap constructions ...

I am expecting the Spicy HD wig i ordered to arrive in the next few days so i will keep this blog updated on how i am getting on the the Spicy wig.

What does everyone else think about the new HD collection? As always i would love to hear every ones comments! Have you already tried the HD wigs? Tell us what you think!

Bye for now,

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair