Monday, 29 October 2012

Follea Gripper Wig 14" Layered :)

Everyone knows I'm a MASSIVE fan of Follea ... i make it obvious to everyone i meet! So today has been a very exciting day for me because i have received my own 14" layered Gripper wig in my favourite blond colour, C6020 :)

I wanted to share my new hair with you all so i took lots and lots of pictures which I've posted below for you all to take a look at!

 So this is my gorgeous gripper straight out of the box. Super soft and healthy and looking gorgeous!

I decided to to get hr ready for wearing, i would put in my parting and give her a quick straighten.

Side view of my Gripper :) Check out the gorgeous C6020 colour! It can be a struggle finding wigs in blond shaded that don't look brassy. I love this colour!

The all important front hairline. I love how natural the Follea Gripper looks when you pull the hair away from your face. And the fact that i don't have to use glue or tape is a big bonus for me! 

 All i did to my Gripper was place my parting and straighten it :) And I'm good to go!

Even when i pin the hair away from my face .... it still looks natural. 


Ruffled up a little for my 'wind swept' look. Another great thing is the security of the Gripper wig. I don't have to worry on windy days anymore :) 

A view of the parting and front hair line :) 

Final picture! I'm over the moon :)

I would love to know what you all think about the Gripper wig. Please feel free to post your comments below!

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair
Follea ICARE Representatives
Wig and Hair Replacement Specialists
Fellow Alopecian for nearly 19 years!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Follea have been kind enough to send us across some of their lovely Alopecia awareness wrist bands that simply state ......

We have 100 of these fab little bands to give away for FREE. All you have to do is go to our website and place your order for one band, then send us a stamp addressed envelope to

The Lifestyle Centre
Aspire Hair, Studio 10
High Street, Beighton
Sheffield, South Yorkshire S20 1HE

If you would like more than one wrist band then you can purchase twp bands for £1.00 and we will send you an additional band for Free!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Our services are featured on Retail & Therapy :)

I just wanted to blog and say how proud i am that another UK business has featured us on their website as a great choice for your hair replacement needs! :)

Sarah's Beanies offer a large collection of fabulous beanies that are not only stylish, but they are comfortable and affordable as well! I am the proud owner of one of their beanies and i love pulling it on at bed time after Ive taken my hair off for the night. It keeps me warm and snug and should anyone decide to barge into my bedroom (and they often do!) i know that my head is stylishly dressed. What more could a self confessed wig addict ask for!!

 Click on one of the example pictures to be taken straight to the Retail and Therapy website and have a good old browse at what they have to offer :)

Are you the proud owner of a sarahs BOO beanie? Let us know what you think!

Browse their collection on the Aspire Hair website too and treat yourself :)

Saturday, 15 September 2012

One of our Articles published by Salons Direct!

Picture from the Salons Direct website Blog :)

I am as pleased as punch that one of my articles has been published by the good people over at Salons Direct. Everyone that knows me will know that i love to write ..... i love to read .... I'm terrible at spelling! But that does not stop me :-D

The article i wrote is called A Day In The Aspire Hair Rooms and i really really enjoyed writing it (you know i really really enjoyed something when i say it more than once!) 

Take a look at the article and let us know what you think! Have we opened your eyes to what a day in the Aspire Hair rooms is really like?

Read, share and comment please! :)

Friday, 14 September 2012

Competition time! :)

Its very late at night (so late its almost tomorrow!) but i wanted to write a super quick blog post to let you know that our competition is now open so get your entries in! :) :)

All the details of the competition can be found on the website. 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Happy 100th Blog Post Everyone :)

Its our 100th Blog post!

Can you believe it? I certainly cant! How exciting it is to reach another little milestone as a self confessed wig addict :) Here's to a hundred (and many many more) blog posts to come.

To mark the occasion i really felt like doing something a little bit special. I was thinking that its actually been a while since we ran a competition and i always enjoy a good old comp and i love giving out prizes! I though for this comp, instead of having just one winner that we could have 2. Kind of like a 1st, 2nd  place. That way, not only do you have more chance of winning, but we can also treat 2 of you to a little something special other than just one of you :)

OK, so full details are available to view on the Aspire Hair website within the next 14 days.To enter our competition simply fill in and submit the entry form that will soon be on display on our website :) I will blog again to let you all know when the competition is open and the form will be visible! Spread the word and let everyone you can think of know!!

I'm going to outline the basics of the competition and note the key points to it here on the blog so that everyone has a good idea of what its all about and also what our three lucky winners will get.

Basic Rules

  • Open to entrants worldwide
  • Prizes can not be used in conjunction with any currently running offers on the Aspire website)
  • Only one entrant per person please! Lets make it fair to all
  • Under 18's will require a parent / guardian to confirm/claim the prize on their behalf
  • Prizes not to be sold for any cash value
  • shipping costs outside of the UK are to be covered by the prize winner


Our lucky first place winner will receive a voucher issued by Aspire Hair for the value of £100. This voucher can be used towards any synthetic or human hair wig from Aspire hair (all brands included and custom made also included, the only exception to this is the Follea collection of hair) providing the wig or wigs chosen exceed the value of £100. No remainder of the voucher can be returned to the winner in any cash form.


Our Second place winner will receive a voucher issued by Aspire Hair for the value of £50. This voucher can be used towards any synthetic or human hair wig from Aspire hair (all brands included and custom made also included, the only exception to this is the Follea collection of hair) providing the wig or wigs chosen exceed the value of £50. No remainder of the voucher can be returned to the winner in any cash form.

If you are one of our lucky winners you may also use your voucher towards the following treatments that are also on offer from our new treatments rooms in beighton, Sheffield if you are local to the area :)

  • Acrylic nail extensions
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Nail Wraps
  • Pre bonded, Micro ring or Fusion hair extensions (100% human hair)  

Like i said, full details will be on the website, twitter and facebook within the next 14 days :)

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on the competition!

The competition will run for 1 month to gather entrants and then the winners will be announced 7 days after the closing date :)

Good Luck and Happy 100th blog post

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Our 99th Blog Post!!!

We are coming up to our 100th blog post right after this one! I was wondering the other day how we could celebrate getting to the big 100 in terms of the blogger world. Do you have any suggestions!?

I thought a competition would be good and although i still have my thinking cap on about exactly what the prize will i think that i have a pretty good idea that will suit the competition winner no matter what their current hair situation is! You see ....... if the prize is a FREE jon renau wig then it would only benefit my fellow hair wearers out there, but if we give away a voucher of some kind then the winner can chose how to spend there prize! Be it new hair, extensions or a relaxing beauty treatment with us ...... The winner gets to chose :) What do you think? Good idea ...? Bad idea .....? Let us know by commenting below :)

OK, so full details of the competition will be announced in our next blog post so keep checking back and don't miss your chance to win!!

If you don't already follow us on Facebook and Twitter then get on over there and follow / like us to keep up to date with the latest competition news as it happens :)

Until our next post ..... Goodbye!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Male Hair Replacement Services

Good Morning :)

As women we tend to think of our hair as our crowning glory. For those of us that find ourselves in the position of actually losing our hair, it can be devastating to say the very least! But its perfectly acceptable to us, as woman, to go in search of 'New Hair' by means of wigs, hair pieces or hair systems.

So what about men?? We have all heard of the saying 'male pattern baldness' and many of us assume that this is something that men just deal with and don't have a problem with. 'Get it shaved off' is one of my partners favourite sayings since he started to get thinner on top 3 years ago (he swears he started losing his hair 8 years ago when he met me, the cheek!!) But do some men genuinely become upset when their 'crowning glory' starts to thin and disappear? I say some do .... and some don't in my experience. Lets have a little look at some of my client case studies of male clients.

Case One - Mike

Mike is a talented writer and  published author (i own 2 of his books and feature briefly in the second!). He came to me some months ago expressing his concern over how his hair had thinned out on top and how it effected his confidence.
Mike was very nervous when he entered my office, despite being a clever and usually confident man. His hair loss was not something he had ever spoken about with anyone else and he spent day after day in his baseball cap. 

Case two - Joe

Joe is 28 years old and has been wearing hair pieces since his early 20's when he started to lose his hair on top. With the support of his family he was able to approach a few companies before arriving with me and now wore a hair piece full time. Although Joe didn't tell me point blank that his hair loss effected his confidence it became very obvious that it did during our first appointment together where i was to remove, clean and re-attach his hair piece. The confident young man who (with his hair on) could look me straight in the eye and chat away confidently, suddenly transformed into a very shy and quite man who was genuinely struggling to look me in the eye once his hair piece had been removed. Joe did come out with the odd comment about how awful he looked without his piece on and he did admit to me that he felt terribly embarrassed about the whole situation. It took a lot of reassurance from my side that he looked perfectly fine and i thought no less of him minus the piece before i finally saw a smile break across his flushed and embarrassed face.

What do these case studies show us?

They show us that there are men out there (not all but some) who's hair loss seriously effects their confidence and quality of life! Not only that, but some men are apologetic and embarrassed about it too, seeing it as a sign of vanity or weakness when that's clearly not the case.

We all need to feel good about ourselves and we shouldn't feel embarrassed about it!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Our famous bright red wig!

Its official! ..... We're famous!!

OK well, not exactly famous, but one of our fabulous bright red  wigs has been chosen by another company to be used in their new brochures and we're as pleased as punch :D

Betty Buff approached us and asked if we would send them a red wig for their consideration so we did, they considered and they used it in their new brochures. I also had the chance to try out 2 of Betty Buffs fabulous body scrubs and i must say, they felt and smelt absolutely delicious and i am now a massive fan of their products.

You can check out the great products that Betty Buff has to offer by visiting their website at

Happy scrubbing!
PS - Ive found these scrubs to be a fabulous exfoliating scrub for your head. Never neglect your scalp :)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Pre Bonded & Micro Ring Hair Extensions

I hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday weekend so far! The weather here in Sheffield has been pretty much rain all day long so at least we can say its a traditional bank holiday weekend if nothing else ...

I wanted to do a little blog about hair extensions today. As well as hair replacement, i also offer a hair extension service and i wanted to go through the two most popular types of attachments that i get asked to do..

Pre Bonded
Pre bonded hair extensions are basically a glue attachment method. The keratin glue is already tipped on each strand of hair (we use 1g strands) and each 1g strand is attached to a small section of your own hair using a hot iron to melt the keratin bond. When the bond has been heated and melted it is then rolled into a neat and tidy bond that is attached securely to your natural hair :)

Removal of pre bonded extensions
Acetone (yes acetone!) is used to remove pre bonded hair extensions but also products such as orange oil can be very effective in breaking down the bonds for removal. Don't ever be tempted to remove them your self! You can cause damage to your hair and its def worth re visiting a professional to handle your removal.

Micro Ring
Micro ring hair extensions is 100% glue and heat free. 1g strands of stick tip hair are inserted onto a small silicone lined ring that is threaded onto a small section of your own hair. Once the ring and the stick tip hair are in place, the ring is then clamped closed tightly to secure it.
Micro ring extensions are not a tough and hard wearing as pre bonded extensions and sometimes they can slip depending on your hair type. I have some clients who swear by micro ring extensions and others who have tried it and are not a fan, having prefered pre bonded.

Removal of micro ring extensions
The removal of micro ring extensions is easy peasy :) The micro ring is simply opened up using a tool (again no heat is required) and the stick tip hair and ring simply slide out.

Take a look below at some before and after pictures of some of my clients :)

approx 150 strands of micro ring hair extensions

Here i added approx 100 strands of pre bonded hair extensions

Approx 150 strands of pre bonded hair extensions

200 strands of pre bonded hair extensions

I know it may sound a little crazy but i actually went through a phase for around 3 years when i used to add a full head of hair extensions to my supplex wigs! It was a great way to make them last longer and add some gorgeous length and volume to it :) I also got to play around with adding different colours and making the wig 100% unique and 100% my own :D

Emma xxx
Aspire hair

Friday, 24 August 2012

Aspire Hair Rooms

Long time no write! I hope every ones well and enjoying this fabulous (not!) British summer we have been having a lately :-/
I, of course, am still as pale as milk and my bottle of St. Tropez is running dangerously low!!
 I always apologise for not blogging (i really am sorry though!) but i just had to blog tonight and let you know what has been going on here at Aspire Hair.

I'm really excited to be moving into a new treatment room in a great location within Sheffield! The new room is situated within a converted church that is now known as the lifestyle centre. It really is a great building with lots and lots of character and a fantastic positive vibe to it.
On our floor are a number of other therapists including a beauty therapist, counsellor, hypnotherapist and holistic therapist so it would be easy to pop along and see us and make a day of it!

Our room is still looking a little bare but I'm working on it! (shopping spree, yey!!)
 I saw this decal online and i knew i had to have it for the room. I love the quote and i think it really sums up what Aspire Hair are all about. Building confidence and offering solutions for our clients with alopecia and cancer who are living through medical hair loss.

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain"

Beautiful :)

Pictured to the right are just a small selection of some of the wigs we have on display. Don't forget that we also hold a good selection of Follea wigs (including the Fabulous Gripper Wig!) in stock for you to come and take a look at and try on if you'd like to do that.

From left to right pictured we have the Spicy wig by Jon Renau, The Alia wig by Jon Renau and the Amber wig by Trendco :)

The Lifestyle centre also has a great, modern cafe on the ground floor, I'm yet to take a snap of that! 

Of course i had to add a bit of bling to the room! (apologies in advance to my lovely male clients, but your used to me by now i know!) The table in the corner is by a fantastic local interior designer called Patti (Ethos Interiors and Oo La La) and i want to say a massive thank you to my friend Mike Siddall who very kindly fitted the flooring in the room.

I'm not finished yet! ..... next time a take some snaps I'm sure there will be the odd set of fairy lights strategically placed somewhere lol.

I look forward to meeting with some of you there in the very near future! :)

I never like to finish a blog on a sad note so in typical aspire hair fashion I'm going to put my own positive spin on some recent events that have happened.
My mother in law, Doreen, sadly passed away last week after a 7 year struggle with Kidney disease. Doreen always encouraged me in everything i set out to do and i feel very honoured to have known her for the past 8 years. Between Doreen and my partner, Gary, they gave me the confidence and the push to set out on my own little adventure that is Aspire Hair! So this blog is dedicated to her. Never a pain, always a joy (and the best next door neighbour i could have ever wished for this past 18 months) we will miss you Doreen xxxxxx

Aspire Hair