Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Here's to a fantastic 2014!

I know it's not officially 2014 just yet BUT I thought I had best write this blog post before I fall a sleep! I'm a little under the weather today and after a steady day in the salon I'm now home and tucked up in bed with my Xmas PJ's on and my pom pom bed hat (yes really!!) 

I've just been having a little browse through Facebook and I have to say its a mixed bag this year in terms of what people of thinking of a new year. I see a certain number on my friends list saying "new year new me!" And then other saying that basically the "new year new me" is a load of crap and that come January 2nd everyone will be back to the same old same old ...... 

I've enjoyed reading through (most) of the posts from friends who have reflected on the past year. Lots of positive reflections and a few not so positive! Some people seem to be looking forward to seeing the back of 2013. 

For me, 2013 has been a mixed bag of events and emotions that have not all been rays of sunshine and cooing birds. But events that I feel have been 100% needed for me to get to where I am right now and to get to where I want to be at this time next year....... 

I opened my first salon in April 2013 after renovating it for a month solid before hand. I've introduced more fantastic ladies to follea hair this year than I had the previous year. I've learnt ALOT about who I can trust and rely on this year, compared to last year when I was a little more naive. I lost a close friend this year, cried an unbelievable amount and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and ME and then I cried even more. I've felt great and worked efficiently, and then I've had days where I've been in so much pain I've needed help washing and dressing. I consider myself very lucky to be like my dad in the respect that I'm stubborn! If I wasn't so stubborn I think it would be very tempting to take on a "I give up!" Attitude. But I won't, things could have been a lot worse after all ...... 

So what's the plan for 2014!? LOTS :) including (but by no means limited to ...) not stressing over the little things I can't control, enjoying spending time with my children and Gary more often, concentrating on my passions with work which include Follea Hair, helping ladies and gents with Alopecia and cancer find natural solutions and supporting them, focusing more on my blog! I love blogging and it seems ridiculous that I don't find the time to do something on a regular basis that I enjoy so much. Looking after myself. No more burning the midnight oil! 

I could go on forever! But I won't .... The purpose to this post is to wish you all a very happy new year. So HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Have a great night and here's to a fantastic 2014 😘

Love from Emma xxx
aspire hair 

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Clients are loving our new hair extensions

I've got a mad passion for anything hair related! If you read my blog often, you know this already!! I think my passion/obsession may stem from the fact that (ironically) I have no hair of my own due to the Alopecia. 

I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you all of our hair extensions clients. I LOVE doing hair extensions. I love the whole process of transforming the way a person looks and feels about their self in a positive way. 

Feedback from our clients who have our extensions fitted is that they are fantastic. The hair we use can be re fitted again and again (micro ring attachment) as the quality remains so good. 

If your considering hair extensions then just give us a call at the salon for more info. 

If I don't blog before then have a great New Years everyone! 😘

Emma xxx
Aspire hair 

Thursday, 26 December 2013

My new follea gripper colour C10030

I'm not even going to pretend that I wasn't nervous about my new gripper arriving! Don't get me wrong, I was very excited, but I was also wondering weather I may have made the wrong choice with regards the colour. I ordered in the C10030 gripper cool in the 14" length and I was starting to doubt weather or not the light blonde colour of the c10030 would be TOO light for me. I'm very VERY fair. Blue/green eyes, very pale skin etc and I had started to have panic driven visions of me looking like the snow queen from Narnia in it. 

I'm glad to say it's not the case :) I'm absolutely thrilled with the colour C10030. It's a cool, light blonde with a mix of a slightly darker, warmer tone through it. The girls in the salon actually prefer me in this colour to my usual c6020 (which, by the way, is also a gorgeous colour) 

I've popped a few pictures below for you all to take a look at. I've not even had it cut yet! It's really wearable right out of the box though after just a little styling :) 

Xmas love and hugs!
Emma xxx
Aspire Hair 

Monday, 16 December 2013

Insomnia or new hair excitement?

I'm afraid it's true. I really am THAT sad that the thought of getting new hair can quite literally keep me awake at night with excitement. Well, that and the fact that my legs have decided they are going to start cramping up everytime I lay down in bed! Don't ask .... Apparently a fibromyalgia problem (BOOOOOO) 

So, new hair is on it's way to me which excites me at the best of times. But I'm really excited about my latest 'new hair' as it's my new Follea Gripper wig that I'm waiting to arrive! I know I'm a complete Follea hair addict but the way I see it is I don't spend money on getting my bio hair cut and coloured every six weeks (granted it's because I have none!), I don't spend heaps of money on clothes and shoes for myself (Follea hair is far more precious in my head, or, on it should we say), I don't drink and I don't smoke (almost a year free of the ciggies! Had to get that one in :) so I allow myself the treat and luxury that is "natures most beautiful hair". 

'What a have you gone for this time!?' I hear you ask. I decided to go a little lighter and brighter with this follea gripper wig and ordered the Gripper2 Cool in the 14" layered length. I love this long length and even though it does take longer to wash, dry style etc I find I can have so much fun with it when it comes to styling. Updos, braids, curls, waves you name it, it can be done with the 14" layered length. 
I'm a size small in the follea gripper so no change there, so I ordered the small. I've gone for a bit of a colour change this time and ordered the C10030 which is FOLLEAS lightest blonde shade. Gary has already passed a few comments about how I will look like that ice queen chick from the narnia movies (I'm very pale skinned, with oldish blue/grey eyes haha) but I reckon it's nothing a bit a blush can't cure. Or perhaps he actually would like me to look like a nice queen! You never know ...... 😘 

Anyway, just a ramble blog really on me being excited about Follea hair and me being an insomniac tonight. I'll post again soon with lots of pics of my new hair and would love your comments and feedback on the new 'ice queen' look haha! 

Sleep well ladies! 

Aspire Hair 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Weekend long sale starts TOMORROW on Facebook!

I wanted to post quickly just to let everyone know that we are running a big sale all this weekend on Facebook (facebook.com/aspire.hair.uk) here's how it's going to work! 

1) head on over to our Facebook page (facebook.com/aspire.hair.uk) and like our page :) 

2) The sale is running all this weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday evening! You'll need to check our page often as we're going to be posting a different offer every hour or so. 

3) many of this weekends sale items are one offs or are very limited in stock. If you see something you like and want then comment or PM us ASAP! Items are sold on a first come, first served basis so be fast!

4) we will PM or comment on the item you want to confirm you've own it at the special sale price. Payment will need to be made via PayPal and all payments will be due by the end of the day on Sunday. 

5) we will ship your item first thing on Monday morning and you'll have got yourself a real bargain! 

Spread the word :) 

Emma xxx
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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Alopecia's not that bad .... At least you've got your health. Right!

The amount of people who say to me "oh well, at least you've got your health even if you don't have your hair!" Has reached the point of being un-countable. YES I am aware that Alopecia in itself does not make me sick and for that I am very grateful. But recent (and by recent I mean the past six years almost!) events have left me wondering if I actually do still have full health?? 

Let's start at the beginning to avoid me rambling on ...... When I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter 6 years ago I developed a nasty case of phnuemonia and was hospitalized. The fever brought on early labour and doctors delayed labour until my lungs were clear enough to give me a good shot at a natural birth. I recovered, my daughter was delivered and all was well. Naturally I was worn out for the first few months after her birth like all new mums are I'm sure! But that exhaustion never left me and it's only this past year I've realised that the fatigue and exhaustion that's still with me effects me on a daily basis. Then the pain started. My joints ache, my muscles burn, I can sleep and sleep and sleep yet I feel no better for it and I'd for to the point where I was questioning my sanity! 

MRI scans were done and came back all clear. Blood tests were done and came back all clear. Great! I don't want to be sick after all. But why did I still feel as crappy as I did before even when the doctors were telling me that they couldn't find anything wrong with me. I continued to struggle through most days, running the business and trying to cope with family life. I'll admit that as positive a person as I am I started to feel more than a little fed up! 

"It sounds like your depressed" one doctor said to me a few months ago "I'll write you a prescription for a low dose of anti depressants ..... Let's see how you get on" he continued. "But I'm not depressed!" I told him. "How do you know your not!" He shot back at me .... "How do you know I am!?" I snapped back out of frustration. The doctor sighed and looked back to his computer screen. Tap, tap, tap "it says here you suffered from depression as a teenager" . And he turned almost smugly to look at me. I stayed calm and through gritted teeth responded with "that was over 15 years ago, I'm not depressed now" 
I left feeling deflated and angry. 

Then, one Friday afternoon I was in the salon and my vision suddenly dropped. By dropped I mean I just couldn't focus. Kind of like being really drunk ...... I just couldn't quite see things properly even with my glasses on. I managed to call my dad and he told me to go straight around the corner to the opticians and ask for help. Feeling like a total loon I made my way around the corner and stumbled into the opticians. They were kind enough to examine me there and then and, after testing my current glasses prescription she was shocked at how my eyes had deteriated. "Your vision just changed right now! Just like that?" She said. I nodded. She was concerned, and also commented on how dry my eyes were which I found strange. 

So now I'm aware that what I intended on being a short blog post has turned into a looooooooong post! Oops, sorry about that LOL to cut this long story short I have been recently diagnosed with M.E /CFS and fibromyalgia. So I'm sat here in bed on my iPad asking myself ..... Do I still have my health? I hope so. Gary has been fantastic (as always) and he's put me on a gluten free, sugar free, caffeine free (fun free!) eating plan which I'm going to try hard to stick to :) 

I know from the ladies I meet with everyday that M.E/CFS and fibromyalgia are common amongst us ladies with Alopecia. Fingers crossed the doctors and scientists make the connection and find out why some of us suffer from these things .... And some of us don't. 

That's my grumble for the day :D 

Emma xxx
Aspire hair 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

FREE wig workshop ebook :)

OK, so I wrote a few days ago about a FREE ebook I was working on. The ebook is a mini wig workshop that explains the different materials used in wigs and the pros and cons of each. 

I'd LOVE for you to have a read through and get feedback from you ! Follow the link below to our website and sign up :) I'll then email you a PDF of the free ebook. 


Emma xxx
Aspire hair 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

FREE ebook

I've gone and caught the dreaded sore throat and cold bug that's flying around right now! I feel like its really knocked the wind out of me, so much in fact that I took a full day off of work in the salon and that's just not me at all! Even though I wasn't at work bricks and mortar style ....... I was still sat with the trusty old iPad on my lap and my daughter Mya and. Got to thinking of ways I could use my 'sick day' and make it a little more productive .......... 

I see a lot of ladies during consultations that are new to wigs and hair pieces. I remember when I first started out searching for a suitable wig and it was so confusing I cried! Mono, silk, lace and PU are just a few of the materials used to create wigs these days and its easy to see why some women start to feel more than a little overwhelmed by everything. 

I mean, it's hard enough when your losing your hair to Alopecia, having to deal with the change in your appearance and the emotional side of things. Throw the complex world of wigs into the equation and it has the tendency to push even the most patient and calm person well on their way to breaking point. 

With this in mind, I thought it may be helpful to write a short (ish) ebook on the subject. Kind of like an 'introduction to wigs' guide that women could download and read at a time convenient to them. I don't know about you, but I can guarantee that when I'm super busy at work or home with my family and I find something I'm interested in reading I just don't have the time right then and there! I'm sure lots of women are exactly the same and the beauty of an ebook is that you can download it and save it to your computer or mobile device and read it as and when. I also like to print things out too and refer back to them at a later date should I need or chose to :) 

Back to the ebook ......... I'm currently putting the finishing touches to it and spell checking and formatting it. My original draft was to include five sections to the ebook. The problem was evident right away ........ Five sections all in one ebook was going to be waaaaaaaaay to long for a mini workshop! So, my original plan if action has now been broken down into a five series ebook! I really hope you all like it. And the he's thing about it! It's FREE! 

Ill pop a link on my blog when it's available to download :) 

Emma xxx

Check us out on Facebook! facebook.com/aspire.hair.uk 

Monday, 2 September 2013

Alopecia Flash Mob 2013

Nerves were tingling and the excitement was buzzing as around 80 of us waited to do the Alopecia flash mob in Liverpool city centre yesterday (Sunday 1st September) . I can't speak for every member of the group but I felt a bit like an undercover, secret agent as I tried to 'blend' in with shoppers with my hoody on and not look too nervous or suspicious! 

For some people amongst the group, it would be the very first time revealing their Alopecia to anyone other than close family members and friends but the feeling I got was a true strength in numbers attitude ! I myself felt incredibly nervous .... Funnily my nerves were focused more on the fact I had to dance in public completely sober! You see, after a few alcoholic beverages .... I'm an exceptional dancer . Or at least, I believe I am :D sober ? The reality is I'm un co-ordinated and extremely self conscious ! 

The music started and our amazing Zumba and dance expert started the routine. Oh gosh! This was the make or break moment. A true fight or flight reaction was building as I nervously looked around me at equally terrified expressions on some of the other ladies faces. So do we fight? Or do we flight!? 

I'm happy to say in a true strength in numbers moment every single one of us ran , hopped and/or skipped into that Alopecia flash mob fighting. It was an incredible moment. Ill admit, my timing went out of the window. I'm sure at one point I was just stood there looking around at everyone else trying to find my way back into the dance routine but you know what? It didn't matter. We all danced our hearts out and gave it our all and (after reviewing the video footage of the flash mob) I have to admit we looked pretty amazing. 

The music tempo changed and "True colours" by Cyndi Lauper started playing. I was incredibly grateful at that moment to be given the chance to breath ..... Re adjust my bra ..... And pull my leggings back into a more appropriate position! We all joined hands wearing our t shirts "I have Alopecia" and supportive family members of the crowd and fantastic friends joined the mob proudly wearing their " I love someone with Alopecia" t shirts. 

Next came the big moment of revealing our Alopecia. Removing our hair and letting everyone in Liverpool centre know the extent of our Alopecia which for me, is total baldness. The beautiful lady to my left was shaking as I held her hand and I couldn't resist what I hope was a reassuring, gentle squeeze and a glance over and smile to show my support to her. My amazing and beautiful friend, victoria, was to my right and she received the same gentle hand squeeze. It was an amazingly moving moment for me as I realised just how brave every single one of these ladies were for doing this. A major turning part for many of us! 

The reaction from the crowd was wonderful! Claps of applause and support pushed everyone of us to tears and hugs were exchanged and well dones were shouted! 

Even my boyfriend Gary who I've been with for the last nine years was choked up with tears in his eyes (sorry Gary ..... Manly pride and all that) 

Ill never forget it. Well done to Alopecia.org.uk for their hard work in putting together the flash mob and looking after us all so well over the weekend! 

Did you see the flash mob in Liverpool? 

Do you have Alopecia? 

Please feel free to comment below! 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Review on the Supplex wig by Trendco

I always love it when a client emails or calls us months after they have purchased new hair from us saying they would like to write a review :) 

I had an email around a week ago from a lovely day who travelled quite anyway to see us in the salon in Sheffield and she has been so happy with her Supplex hair (by Trendco) that she wanted to write a review to let everyone know of her experiences with the Supplex and us here at Aspire Hair. Read on to learn more .....

" I purchased my first Supplex Wig the beginning of June. I have now been wearing it solidly every day for nearly three months. So far I have had a great experience with the Supplex. I was previously wearing synthetics which would not last me long before I had to purchase a new one. I did not feel secure in the synthetics at all, I have a very petite head and as you probably know the petite wig range very limited. Anyway the Supplex petite fitted me like a glove, it was fantastic to put it on and feel safe and secure, I can put my head upside down and shake it really vigorously and there is not chance of it slipping off even without any tape for extra security. Wonderful feeling! 

I had previously been warned that the hair quality on the Supplex was not great but to be honest I am happy with it. I do condition it regularly (I like Great Hair conditioner, can be purchased from Asda, good conditioner at a budget price) but I would do that with any hairpiece so that it could look its best. I would advise that you try and stay away from heat though, when I use heat I can tell that it is drying out the hair and will moisturise it intensely afterwards. I am confident that I will be able to make it through the next 2 or 3 months with this wig. Any shedding is minimal. It looks great in a wavy style. I think the hairline is very natural, for once I had no fringe put in and I really don't think that anyone would notice it was a wig, trust me I have had enough people analyse my hairline albeit subtly and know that they think something is not quite right. I can honestly say that that has not happened to me since wearing it.

People say that suction wigs are hot but I do not find that to be the case, I can do a good brisk walk to work (2 plus miles) on a hot summers day without any problems. I do find that sometimes if I sweat too much under the cap that the skin can get irritable but I have atopic eczema so I am probably just very sensitive and may not be a problem for others.  I just make sure I give my head breathing time whilst at home. Any the funny thing is even if my skin is sore and itchy on my head the minute I put this on I cannot feel that it is a problem, only when I take it off. I suppose it is because it like a second skin. 

I think the only downside is that I struggle to keep the nape of the next stuck down. The ear tabs stay down fine but at the nape it releases easily, perhaps I have not yet found the right tape, I may try some tape with glue but to be honest I'm sure it is just me that notices. However, of late I have discovered that if I tuck the nape of the neck back under so that it fold back into the cap, hope hat makes sense, I am actually quite comfortable without any tape. 

I would definitely recommend going to see Emma if you can. She is very helpful and it is nice to have someone who knows what they are talking about. She has so much experience of her own to help you with and made me feel very comfortable and welcome. Sorry for the very lengthy review, but when I was researching the Supplex I could actually find very little about it. I very glad I went for it in the end and it has improved my confidence no end, so much so that I am even back out dating :) I hope this will be helpful to others. " 

Do you have feedback on a wig or hair piece that you would like to submit to us to feature in one of our blogs? If so then please do get in touch. I know myself as a hair wearer that every review is helpful! 

Aspire hair 

Monday, 15 July 2013

FOLLEA topettes - Loving working with this product!

Yes, I know, yet another FOLLEA post but in my defence I am in love with FOLLEA hair so I'm allowed to talk about it lots and lots! 

I'm really excited to now be working with folleas collection of topettes (hair toppers ) and showing this product line to my clients. I thought it would be useful to do a short blog about the aero topettes and give you all a little info on the Aero2 collection of Topettes. Ill not get too specific ...... But I'll give a few pros and cons along with description on each of the pieces available. 

TA115 - this topette is a great option for ladies who would like to add volume to their natural hair and also for ladies who are experiencing hair loss due to hormonal reasons or Alopecia. The TA115 comes with silicone lined snap clips already attached so your ready to go ...

* available in two base sizes. Medium (5"x 6") and large (6 x 7 1/2") 
* available in two hair lengths. 8" layered and 14" layered
* made using folleas high quality European, pony tail human hair which is double drawn for consistant hair oength and gently processed, in house by FOLLEA. 
* can be worn a variety of ways to suit your needs. 
* available in 13 beautiful colour blends. 

TA116 - this topette is a great option for ladies who prefer to bond their pieces using either a double sided tape or a medical grade liquid adhesive. The upside of bonding is that your topette can be worn for up to 4 weeks, day and night if you'd like to do this. Personally though, I recommend to my clients that a bonded time of two weeks would be best. After two weeks you can remove and clean up and allow your scalp to get some fresh air to avoid soreness and possible scalp complaints. 
The construction if the TA116 is a lace base with PU at the perimeter. Snap clips can be added to this base if you'd prefer not to bond. 

* available in two base sizes . Medium (5" x 7") and large (7" x 8") 
* available in two hair lengths. 8" layered and 14" layered
* made using folleas European ponytail hair that is double drawn for consistent hair length and gently processed, in house, by FOLLEA. 
* a great option for extended wear when bonded with tape or medical grade liquid adhesive
* can be positioned and worn in a variety of ways to suit your own personal needs.
* available in 13 beautiful colour blends.

TA117 - this topette from Follea is one of my favourites as I find it to be the most versatile and the most customisable out of the aero2 topette collection. The base design is very clever with its open lace front, lace top and PU bands at the back and sides of the piece. The multiple PU bands allow for the piece (even though a stock, ready made piece) to be trimmed to size to fit the wearer perfectly. The TA117 is the closest you are going to get to a customised FOLLEA hair piece without having to pay out extra £££ for a custom made piece. 
This piece can be worn as a bonded piece using tape or medical grade liquid adhesive or can be worn with snap clips if you'd prefer to remove each evening. 

* available in one base size ( but can be trimmed to fit) extra large (9" x 10") 
* available in two hair lengths. 8" layered and 14" layered. 
* made using folleas beautiful European ponytail hair that's double drawn to give consistent hair length and is gently processed in house by FOLLEA. 
* suitable for extended bonded wear or used with snap clips. 
* can be positioned in a variety of ways to suit your own personal needs. 
* available in 13 beautiful colour blends. 

Take a look at some of the pictures below and as always please feel free to leave comments or get in touch with us for more info on FOLLEA hair :) 

Emma xxx
Aspire hair 
51 market street
S21 4eg 


Above from bottom to top of the photo is the TA115, TA116 and TA117 

Above is the TA115 

Above is the TA116

Above is the TA117

Below is one of our wonderful clients wearing her new TA115 in 8" layered colour C6020 :) 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

The hair grip comfort band :)

After almost 20 years of wearing hair I can pretty much say that I'm used to how a wig feels on my head. After that amount of time they have almost created their own 'groove' on my head if you like ..... And tend to just slot into position with out to much fuss! 

I do, however, have days when I feel a little uncomfortable, irritated and sweaty! Very lady like eh!? 

So with the above facts in mind I was very excited at being asked to trial one of the new hair grip velvet comfort bands and then writing a review on it. 

So here the theory behind the band. 

1) you wear the band around your hairline and then pop your wig on top of the band.
2) it claims to make the whole experience of wig wearing more comfortable.
3) it claims to offer grip and extra security. 

I decided to put the hair grip to the test on a busy day in the salon and my synthetic wig of choice for that day was the Julia smart lace wig by Jon Renau. 

Positioning the band on my head was pretty easy. Full instructions are given on the back of the pack that the hair grip came in but I found my own way with it and found myself wearing it with the logo in a different position to the way it was recommended. This is down to the fact that I have sticky out ears! And I just found it more comfortable to wear the hair grip with the logo just off centre instead if at the side of my head :) 

The first thing I noticed when I popped my Julia wig in was that it instantly did feel more secure. I have a petite size head and the Julia is an average size so I'm used to it moving around a little when I scratch my head or tuck the hair behind my ear but the hair grip did stop this happening which I found pretty cool. 

The hair grip definitely made wearing Julia more comfortable. At first it was hard to judge it. But I worked all day in my Julia wig with the hair grip underneath it and then kept the wig on until around 11.30pm that evening and I found that I didn't scratch at the nape area of my head at all really thanks to the hair grip! This is pretty amazing for me as I have very sensitive skin and any wig other than my FOLLEA gripper wig does tend to have me scratching away after just an hours wear at my nape :-/ 

So the golden question is ........ Would I recommend it? The answer is yes I defiantly would! It does exactly what t claims to do and it's affordable. You can also machine wash on delicate or hand wash it as and when is needed. My opinion is once you try the hair grip you will want to use it everyday if you wear anything other than FOLLEA gripper, vacuum wig or bonded system. 

10/10 from myself and aspire hair :) 

And just so everyone knows ..... We will be stocking this nifty little hair grip within the next few weeks :) 

Emma xxx

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Alopecia - annoying re-growth !

When I first lost all of my hair, aged twelve, I was devastated :( I hated having Alopecia and spent quite a few years feeling totally and utterly miserable and depressed. My family and friends worked hard with me to help me re gain my confidence and from the age of around eighteen I finally started to accept myself and my Alopecia and I was able to move forward with my life. 

This is a blog post I NEVER thought I would be writing but hear goes ........ I have a grumble about my Alopecia and the problem is re growth! 

Having spent the last 18 years getting used to my Alopecia I have embraced the positive aspects of the condition. For example ....

1) no more leg shaving. Yey :) 
2) no under arm hair :D my friends have always been extremely envious of this! 
3) super smooth skin (due to the lack of hairs) 
4) the fact that I don't have to wax or tweeze annoying hairs from my face! 

The above "positives" of Alopecia I have grown to become pretty proud of. So you can imagine my shock horror when I discovered a few months ago that I had started to grow hairs under my armpits! But it hasn't stopped there .... I'm also now the proud owner of almost a full set of eyebrows (it's a tad unfortunate that they have decided to grow BELOW my perfectly defined set of Spmu eyebrows ) , almost a full set of white eyelashes (their short, spiky and annoy me .. they tickle!) and BLACK hairs on my *whispers in a low, embarrassed tone* big toes!!! I don't mean to come across as ungrateful or anything but really ???? Not a hair on my head yet I get hair growth in places where I would,as a woman, really prefer not to have any hair at all! 

The underarm hair has lead me along to my very first waxing appointment at the age of thirty. I don't recommend it. It bloody hurts!! I've taken to having to shave my big hairy toes (sexy huh?) at least once a fortnight and I have to regularly endure the absolute TORTURE that is eyebrow tweezing or threading which again is so painful I literally find myself crying my eyes out and squeeling like a crazy woman while my friend almost falls on the floor laughing at me. 

What I want to know is ..... Why on earth are the hair follicles in unwanted areas starting to spring into action whilst I'm still left with a head as smooth as a babies bottom!? Random, bizarre, annoying and painful to remove :-/ 

Well that's my grumble for the day .....l never in a million years would I have thought I would grumble about re growth but there you go! 

Enjoy the rest if the week everyone :) 

Emma xxx

Monday, 10 June 2013

The FOLLEA aero2 wig - stunning!

Ok, so it's true that I tend to blog an awful lot about FOLLEA but you won't catch me apologising about it. For me, FOLLEA offer the best hair quality and a variety of practical, comfortable and natural cap constructions with their wigs and hair pieces. My main focus has been the FOLLEA gripper2 wig and I wear this piece myself but me and my customers have also become fans of the aero2 wig and what it has to offer for hair wearers. 

* the FOLLEA aero2 wig can be worn by anyone, and I mean ANYONE! Weather you are suffering from medical related hair loss such as Alopecia or thinning or if you are undergoing chemotherapy treatment or even if you have a full head of hair already! The FOLLEA aero2 can work for anyone who is wanting to wear follea a exquisite alternative hair creations. 

* the FOLLEA aero2 wig features an open lace front that covers the temple to temple area. This means that you can wear your new hair without a fringe/bangs and off of your face if you would like to. The hair looks like it is growing right out if your scalp. Very clever :) 
Also, providing the fit is good (and FOLLEA can adjust wigs at their factory to make sure the fit is good) then the aero2 requires no glue or tape to secure the open lace front. Another bonus if, like me, you suffer from sensitive skin. 

* the FOLLEA aero2 has a lace top so you can have total freedom over your parting position. Left, right, centre or zig zag! The choice is 100% yours. 

* the aero2 has a close lined, wefted back. I know what you might be thinking .... Why put a wefted back in a wig that a) is expensive and b) is made using the finest quality European Remy ponytail hair ? It's a question I asked Follea when I first started out on my own FOLLEA journey and I answer I was given makes total sense. The wig will shed far LESS with the close lined wefted back than it would if the area was hand tied. Think about it ...... How many hand tied wigs have you had in the past that have shed like crazy when you brush them, wash them and style them out? Chances are your answer will be much like my own. Quite a few! Even the best hand tied wig will eventually shed out, and the aero2 will eventually shed and thin out too, it's not indestructible! But it will do it far less with a wefted back. So you get longer with your FOLLEA wig (which is great) as, once you have a FOLLEA, then the chances are you won't want to be going back to any other wig. 

My customers are falling in love with follea hair on a daily basis :) and one very kind client of ours has sent us across some fabulous pictures of herself wearing her FOLLEA aero2 for you all to see. Take a look below and please feel free to share this blog! 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Having fun with the follea gripper2 wig!

When I was younger and I first lost all of my hair to Alopecia, ill admit that my first experience with wigs was BAD! I never ever could have imagined that wearing hair would ever look natural, be comfortable or make me feel secure and confident again. 

Thank goodness for companies like Follea who have worked are to create alternative hair as secure and comfortable as the gripper2 wig. Not only is the gripper2 comfortable and secure but it is also versatile. I've been having a little play around with my own gripper lately and I'm currently very much in love with wearing my gripper with waterfall braids and ladder braids down one side! Who would have ever guessed that something so cool would be possible with a wig! 

Saturday, 20 April 2013

New salon now open!

What a great day we had yesterday when the new salon opened its doors to customers for the very first time! I was a mix of nerves and excitement as myself and the lively donna welcomed new clients into the salon :)

Our first day was very productive and I'm pleased to say the salon has just the atmosphere I was hoping for. Friendly, relaxed, modern and just a tad quirky (like its owner! :D)

I hope to welcome you soon to the new salon!

Aspire hair

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Trade in your old Vacuum fit wig and get £300 off a Follea Gripper2 Sports wig!

The title says it all really :) we are running a promotion where you can trade in your old Vacuum fit wig and get a generous £300 off a brand new Follea Gripper2 Sports if your choice!

I'm a MASSIVE fan if the FOLLEA gripper (as you know) but what some of you may not know is that I actually used to be a Vacuum fit hair wearer back in the day some 10 years ago. I wore a vacuum wig from the ages of 14-20 years old. My vacuum fit wig served me well but at around the age of 20 years old I began searching for something lighter, something that would allow me to wear my hair away from my face and wear a medium/high pony tail. It took me a while but I finally discovered FOLLEA and , for me, there was no looking back.

My FOLLEA gripper is secure, comfortable, cool and light to wear and most importantly it looks natural. The hair is gorgeous! And it's not only myself who is in live with the FOLLEA gripper2 wig. My clients love it too :)

Join us on Facebook (Facebook.com/advanced.wigs.uk) and twitter (@AspireHair) to keep up to date with all out latest offers, giveaways and promotions :)

If your currently a vacuum fit hair wearer and you are interested in our promotion then please contact us for more information on 0845 463 5230 or email us at aspirehair@hotmail.co.uk.

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair