Friday, 17 January 2014

The Haute Smart Lace Wig - Jon Renau

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Today I wanted to put the Haute wig by Jon Renau in the spotlight. Lets jump right on in and take a look at this lovely style from Jon Renau ...

The Haute wig is from Jon Renau's Smart lace collection and its a just above the shoulder length bob that can worn just as it comes customised to suit your needs.

The hair is made out of a high quality, heat resistant fibre that you can straighten, curl and even blow dry.

I've found that the HD fibre is a little courser than Jon Renaus standard synthetic fibre and extra special care does need to be taken when it comes to cutting. Ideally you'll want to wash the wig first using products from Jon Renaus HD care collection and then pin the hair into position and allow it to dry naturally (for example if you wanted to cut a fringe into this wig you'd comb the wet hair forward and clip it in to position and allow it to dry before cutting)

Taking a look at the Haute from the back you can see that it is pretty much all one length. There is a little layering in the back that looks really pretty when its curled.

The cap construction on the Haute is a little different from the wigs I've featured earlier on in the week on my Blog. The Haute has a Monofilament parting that's positioned just off centre. The mono part allows you to position the parting within approx a 1.5-2 inch area to either side.
The welded lace front from temple to temple gives you the option to wear the hair away from your face and it looks very natural.
The back section of the Haute is machine made (wefted) and you can adjust the cap size using the nape straps :)

There is no denying that the Haute is yet another beautiful style from Jon Renau. It is priced slightly higher than their standard synthetic wigs due to the HD fibre but this wig will not last you any longer than a standard fibre wig.

Today's the last post for this weeks series on the Jon Renau smartlace wigs. There are lots of other styles to discover from this collection so feel free to browse my website to learn more.


Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Blake Wig - Jon Renau SmartLace Collection

Its always an exciting time for me when Jon Renau announce the new styles they are adding to their Smart lace collection. I have to admit though that I've not been as excited as this in a long time! The Blake wig is a very welcome addition to this collection and its not just myself who thinks this .... my clients also agree!

The Blake wig has everything you'd expect from a human hair smartlace wig. 100% human hair on a hand-tied cap with a mono top and a welded lace front. The exciting thing is that is nice and long!

The longest wig the Smart lace collection offered before the Blake came along was the Angie wig which was a lovely longer length. But the Blake is Looooong! And we love it :)

The density is very natural. Not too thick and heavy and naturally layered which is handy if your wanting to wear it straight out of the box. I'd personally tidy up the length on the Blake and add a few shorter layers to frame the face but that's just me! I love my layers in my wigs.

If we take a little look at the base we can see ifs nice and enclosed with Jon Renaus famous Smart lace front and a Mono top for easy styling. You can part this wig anywhere within the mono section making it very versatile.

The length of the Blake wig also makes it versatile. Up dos, half up half down, curls, waves, braids ..... You can have some real fun with hair this length.

I really do wish id have had the chance to take more pictures of the Blake wig and try out some styles on it but i had a client waiting for it so i was pretty eager to get it re-packages and sent off to her.

What do you think of the Blake wig? Do you wear this style? Would you wear this style!? Let me know via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or in the comments below.

Check back at the weekend when ill be doing an interview with one of the managers at Jon Renau in California! If you have any questions you'd like me to put to them then just give me a shout.


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Victoria Wig - Jon Renau SmartLace Collection

Today were going to be taking a look at the Victoria wig from Jon Renaus SmartLace collection of wigs. Victoria has been another great selling wig in my salon this past year. The style defiantly an easy to wear one and it does tend to suit most face shapes. If your enjoying catching up on what I've been up to on Diary of a self confessed wig addict then please feel free to like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter and start pinning and re-pinning with me on Pinterest :)

The Victoria wig comes in pre styled and ready to wear. Some of our customers like to have a few alterations made to the style though these alterations are generally very small. A shorter side fringe or even a full fringe can be added in just a few moments if that's what you'd like to have done.

Victoria is made using high quality synthetic fibre that's a light - medium density overall. This style reminds me so much of the Codi wig by Amore. If your a fan of the Codi but feel that Codi's density may be a little heavy then  the Victoria could be a great option for you as its that bit lighter.

Like the Adrianna wig (I featured this is yesterdays Blog post) the Victoria is 100% hand-tied with no wefts in the cap construction.Victoria also has a welded lace front which allows you to wear this wig without a fringe and you can also wear your hair away from your face which is nice for when you fancy a change in look.

The Victoria also features a full Monofilament top which allows you to part the hair where ever you want to. Left, Right, centre, zig zag ..... where ever you fancy! As i mentioned yesterday, so ladies find the lace front to be a little harsh in feel on the Jon Renau SmartLace wigs. Personally, i don't have any problems with them but check back on the blog later on in the week where I'll be putting some of YOUR questions to one of Jon Renaus sales managers over in California, and getting her feedback on what can be done about any issues you may have had with your smartlace wigs.

A closer look at the cap construction shows just how light this wig is. I'm pretty sure that the tag that comes attached to this wig may actually weigh more than the wig itself! It really is that light ... 

What do you think of the Jon Renau smart lace collection? Are you a fan? Let me know in the comments below. You can also leave your comments on my Facebook page, Tweet me or join me on Pinterest :) 

Until tomorrow ... take care! :) 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Jon Renau - The Adrianna Smart lace wig

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Lets jump straight into today's Blog post on the Jon Renau SmartLace collection! Today I'm going to be talking about the Adrianna wig.

The Adrianna wig is one of my favourite styles from Jon Renau. Its not too long but still long enough and it comes ready to wear with a really pretty natural wave texture in it.

This wig is synthetic so you have to take all the usual precautions when it comes to keeping the hair away from heat etc

As with all synthetic wigs that are below the shoulder in length, id recommend a good anti-friction spray to ensure you get the best from your new hair. 

As you can see from taking a look at the Adrianna from the back it has soft layers throughout the whole wig. I'm a fan of layers in wigs as i think they help soften the look and it also stops a longer length wig being too thick and UN-manageable.

The wave in the fibre is a little tighter when it first arrives. I brushed this out a little using my fingers for a more natural look. 

The Monofilament top on the Adrianna allows you to part the hair where ever you want and it gives a really natural look at the parting too :)

The density on this wig is just above a medium. 

The cap construction on the Adrianna is something quite special i think. Especially for a wig that's made of synthetic fibre. It's 100% hand tied and has no wefts in its construction. Adrianna also has a monofilament top and a welded lace front.

Some people find the lace front a little sharp and scratchy. If your one of those people then check back on the blog later this week where I'll be speaking with someone from Jon Renau about why this is and (most importantly) what can be done about it.

What do you think of the Adrianna? Is it a style you could see yourself wearing? It really has been one of Aspires best sellers these past few months.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you have any specific questions you'd like me to put to Jon Renau then give me a shout!

Take care :)




Monday, 13 January 2014

Jon Renua SmartLace Wig - Zara

Another week another series! I know I've been going on and on about it but I really am enjoying getting back into Blogging and i really hope you guys are enjoying it too.

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Today I'm putting the Zara smart lace wig by Jon Renau in  the spotlight. Zara has been one of my bestselling wigs from the smart lace collection from the very first day I listed it on the website. Lets crack straight on and take a more detailed look at the Zara wig below ...

Zara is a super long style with soft layers that frame the face. It comes ready to wear straight out of the box.

I'd class the Zara as a wig that is just above medium density. It has volume at the root but its not too thick towards the mid - ends of the hair.

The Zara is a synthetic wig so you need to be aware of the fact that this style can get tangled quite easily due to its length and friction against your clothing etc. I'd always recommend an anti-friction or conditioning spray as a must for a longer length synthetic wig. 

If we take a look at the Zara wig from the side, you can really appreciate the face framing layers that are a part of this wig.

I LOVE layers in longer length wigs! I think it helps keep it soft and helps maintain good movement in the hair. 

Taking a look from the back, you can see that that layering pattern continues all around the Zara which helps take some of the bulkiness out of the style.

One of the great things about this wig is that it has a full Monofilament top. A Mono top gives you the ability to get a clean crisp part in the wig and for it to look natural. A monofilament top is hand tied so the hair will move in any direction. You can place the parting anywhere you want within the Mono top section. 

A quick look at the cap construction shows the different materials used to make the Zara what it is.
Lace front - The lace front on the Jon Renau smart lace wigs are welded. Welded lace has a stiffer texture than regular french or swiss lace types to ensure the lace sits flat against the forehead without the need for glue or tape to secure.
Mono Top - The benefits of a Mono top include a more natural look at the parting and the versatility to be able to move your parting around.
Wefted Back - The back section of the Zara is wefted (machine made) and the cap has adjustable nape straps so you can re size the wig.

The Zara is on offer on our website right now until the end of January so head on over and take a look when you get a minute or two :)

Ive worn the zara wig before i got my Follea gripper wig and theres no denying its a nice wig. It does make some maintaining with it being so long and mine lasted around 6 months before i felt the need to replace it.

Have you worn the Zara wig before? What did you think of this wig!? Id love to hear your comments and feedback below.

Tomorrow ill be blogging about the Adrianna smart lace wig by Jon Renau so if you enjoyed todays post then make sure you check back tomorrow to take a more detailed look at the Adrainna.