Saturday, 13 September 2014

5 things I love about Jon Renau Smart Lace wigs

I'm going start off by saying that this blog is not sponsored by Jon Renau!! Everything in this blog is off my own back and my own opinions etc <3 ... 

I tend to wear my Follea gripper-2 wig most days. I do like to change it up every so often though and wear a different colour, length and style! 

Now, if I could afford to own every length and colour combination that Follea offer then I would totally go for it. As it stands I have myself three much loved  Follea Gripper-2 wigs in three different shades (C10030, C6020 and C5055) and I feel very lucky to have not one Follea but three! I also have one of the new Follea F Monde wigs in the 16" layered style on order (delivery due at the end of this month whoop whoop!!!!!) and I've ordered her in the C6020 colour also. 

Despite this I still like to have a few other styles close to hand for when I fancy a change. All of my Follea Gripper wigs are longer lengths but some days I just want to wear short hair in a vibrant colour! 

My go to brand for a synthetic wig is Jon Renau :) I really like the quality of the hair fibre and the styles are mostly modern. The colour choice is also very good! And they offer a good selection of vibrant and rooted colours. So what do I love about the Jon Renau smart lace wigs? 

1- I love the smart lace front! Well obviously. Have you ever tried on a smart lace wig? The hair line at the front is amaze balls. It looks just like the hair is growing right out of your scalp with no definite line or ridge to worry about. I find the lighter hair shades look the most natural on me due to my super pale skin tone but I have ladies come in all the time for consultations and these wigs never fail to impress :)

I'm wearing the Zara Smart Lace wig in this picture!

2- the styles! I love how Jon renau cater for different age groups, styles and tastes. For example ..... Not every hair wear wants a wig that is super volumised. Some of us want a more natural density and I know we all want to avoid the dreaded 'Lego hair' look. You know the look ..... When it looks just as if your hair has been plonked on top of your head and it doesn't move when you move. It just stays there ...... Static ..... Stiff ..... Lego hair! 

I'm wearing the Giselle Smart Lace wig in this one!

3- The Mono top :) I LOVE the fact that most of the Smart Lace wigs have either a full mono top or a Mono part. Monofilament gives you the choice of where you would like to wear your parting as well as giving you a natural parting look. 

4- The colours! I really like the large selection of colours that Jon Renau offer. Vibrant reds and bright blonde or you can go for a more natural shade with natural roots. 

Look at all those pretty colours! 

5 - Stock levels! - It's a rare occasion to order in a Jon Renau Smart Lace wig for one of my clients just to find it's out of stock. Jon Renau keep their stock levels high which results in hardly ever having to keep my clients waiting for their new hair. 

So there you go! Those of just 5 of the things I LOVE about the Jon Renau Smart lace wigs :) 

Do you wear Jon Renau hair? What do you think to their Smart Lace collection?

Friday, 12 September 2014

Kim and her spirit wigs | case file #4

One of my gorgeous clients and friends Kim and I met through Facebook over a year ago or so now. Initially it was her husband who contacted me for advice and Kim went on to purchase a Follea wig which she absolutely loves! 

Kim and I have a lot in common. I'm a wig addict and so is she would be one of our similarities! We can both appreciate a good example of alternative hair. It could be so etching as stunningly beautiful as a Follea wig, a sassy Jon Renau Smart Lace wig ..... Anything! If it's nice and it works for us then we both get super duper excited about it (as all true wig addicts do!) 

When the new Evolution collection launched earlier this year Kim and I were very excited. I wanted a spirit wig to add to my collection and so did Kim! 

After receiving an example in the salon came and her husband drove up to Sheffield to visit me and take a look at the spirit wig and a new Follea colour that had been brought out (the C5055 which by the way is LUSH and yes, I do have a gripper in this colour now!!). 

Kim fell in love with the style of the Spirit wig <3 

Spirit is long and she comes pre styled and layered. You can wear her right out of the box with just a small amount of styling such as setting your parting and running the straighteners through her! An alternative hair wearers dream.

Here is spirit after I set in her parting and gave her a quick run through with the straighteners. 

and here is spirit being lovingly worn by her new owner Kim! 

Isn't she gorgeous! 

I'd love  to hear from other wearers if the spirit :-) how are you finding her? Do you wear her with tape or without? 

For me I would have to wear a little bit of tape at the nape and ear tab areas but I can pretty much get away with not using any tape at the lace front for general everyday wear :-) 

Let me know in the comments below!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Oh my ... | The fault in our stars - John Green

I love to read.

If I don't have something to read when I get in bed at night I feel a strange sense of sadness in my tummy. I don't know why but I just find it's the perfect way to finish off my day!

The last book I read was Fault in the starts by John Green and boy did I love that book! A couple of friends had mentioned how beautiful the book was but I'm not a massive fan of anything that makes me cry and, knowing that this book was about Cancer and death, I wasn't overly keen on working myself up into a state of tears and sobs by reading this book!

Excuse the tired eyes ... I was full of cold!

This book really did surprise me. It Isn't a sad and weepy book all the way through about Cancer and death. I found it to be funny, real and uplifting all at the same time. Yes there are sad parts that make your eyes fill up with tears (even a few fell at times) but it's a book that really made me think about life and what little time we all have really. 

The characters Hazel and Augustus were fabulous. I love it when a writer can draw you into the characters lives this way! 

I won't write too much about the story as I don't want to ruin anything for anyone who has not yet read this book. 

The movie is out now which I've seen. But like most books turned film I so preferred the book! 

Have you read this book yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My first set of lashes in 20 years :-)

Having Alopecia is more than just the obvious hair loss on the head. As a sufferer of Alopecia universalis I also lost my eyebrows and eyelashes. 

It's taken many years for me to come to terms with my Alopecia but I must admit I still miss having my eyelashes very much! 

So you can imagine my absolute delight when I noticed a few random pure white eyelashes growing through a while back. I was over the moon! Amazed! I couldn't stop checking on them every time I passed a mirror and touching them throughout the day. Who'd have thought that 6-7 lashes could make a girl feel so happy right? 

As grateful as I was for my newly grown white eyelashes, I was also a little stuck as to what I could actually do with them ....

Mascara want going to work because a) I don't have any mascara as I've never had lashes throughout the whole if my adult life b) I don't have a clue how to use mascara and feared that I'd end up stabbing myself in the eye which would result in seriously impaired vision and c) it would probably just look strange to have a few spiky looking lashes per eye! 

My lash technician at the salon took a look at them one day for me and after a little inspection she said that I actually had almost a full set of lashes on each eye!! They were just so white and soft that they couldn't be seen properly or noticed by anyone ..... Myself included. 

So ..... She did me a little makeover :) check out the results below! 

M was all I could say when I looked in the mirror after I was all finished! Just wow. I felt a little emotional and suddenly a little more 'grown up'. I had lashes!!! 

You'll notice as well the randomly growing eyebrows. They can sod off for me as I hate them! Do you know how painful tweeting and threading is!? As someone who has never experienced the pain of this (threading especially) I can honestly say that it's the WORST pain I've ever felt and I've got two kids, M.E and Fibromyalgia ........ Threading is torturous!! 

As brilliant as Harriet's lashes were my lashes did fall out again after a month or so and I'm currently working in growing me a new set of lashes :) random Alopecia at it's best eh?? 

Another editing thing is that Harriet's discovered a new type of individual lash that is ultra light and soft along with a special glue that can be used directly on the skin that lasts up to 4 weeks. I'm going to be her tester for this and can't wait to share my experience of it with you all! 

Can you imagine ..... Lashes that are individually placed to create a natural look that lasts day and night for 4 weeks at a time. I'm very excited about this :) 

Do you wear falsies? I'd love to hear about your fave brands and your experiences with false lashes. 

I'll keep you all updated in the new lash system!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Judi HD Wig | Jon Renau

The Judi wig made it's first appearance back in April of this year and has been a popular style from day one. 

It's best described as the creme de la creme of synthetic wigs for more than one reason ... 

1 - she has a double layered monofilament top

2 - she is 100% hand tied

3 - she's heat resistant!

One of my clients tried on the Judi a few weeks ago and fell in love with her :) After a little while thinking about what she wanted to do (she stayed in the salon an extra hour and had a little think about things) she decided that she was going to go for the Judi.

What a great selection she made as she looked wonderful in her new Judi hair!!


Thank you my lovely client for allowing me to share these pics <3 

Have you worn the Judi before? I'd love to hear feedback!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Pretty Bald Calendar!

A while a go I blogged about a 'top secret' mission that I was involved in. I'm so excited that this had now all come together thanks to Victoria and everyone who took part is ready to share something really special with the world.

The calender shoot was an amazing experience as well as a scary one! What I realised was that I was totally OK with taking off my hair but what threw me massively was taking off my clothes!!! I had to get naked along with 11 other beautiful women all of them suffering from the same condition as myself. Alopecia.

The aim of the calendar is to raise awareness of alopecia and to raise as much money as possible for the fantastic charity AlopeciaUK. 

Show your support and head on over to the Pretty Bald website now and purchase your 2015 Calendar!

I had a fantastic day and I know that the girls did too. It was wonderful to be in the company of such an amazing group of women who all knew exactly what it feels like to go through losing their hair.

I'd love to hear your comments below! And remember to show your support by purchasing a Calendar :)