Saturday, 27 September 2014

The change of alternative hair wearing | Embrace it ...

I see lots of ladies who are undergoing treatment for cancer. The world of wigs is a new one to them which is why I stand by what I say that a full consultation is so important. 

The consultation process gives me the chance to explain the different cap constructions, fibre types and human hair qualities available as well as giving my client the chance to try on different base designs to see which feels the most comfortable to them. 

What you would initially consider to be the most important factors (style and hair colour) are actually in the very bottom of my list when I start a consultation! Why? Well you see .... There are so many different styles and colours available that the issue of hair style / colour isn't really an issue. The way I see it is that if I don't have it in he salon I can source it and order it in which would (almost) immediately resolve the (said) issue. What's more important is for me to find out what base design suits your situation and lifestyle. 

Example - what's the point in having a fab style and colour when the cap irritates your scalp to the point of scabbing by the end of each day!! 

Once I establish which base is going to work best for you then I can start sourcing your preferred style and colour :-) 

What may surprise my clients the most is the fact that their opinion on wigs and the style they thought they wanted is dramatically changed after 15 minutes of trying on different styles and colours! I've had ladies walk in wanting a dark brown bob and walk out in a platinum blonde pixie cut because they simply fell in love with the change, felt amazing in the new hair and embraced it! 

Have you been surprised at your alternative hair choices after trying on different styles and colour? Let me know in the comments below!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Late night hair messaging ....

One of the things I most love about the work I do are the people I meet everyday. I know that may sound incredibly cliche but it's the gods honest truth. 

Hair loss is an emotional thing and sometimes those emotions tend to come pouring out as soon as I sit down with a client and say "how can I help?" 

I don't mind crying. I've done enough of it myself over the years and I can 100% relate with the feelings my clients have when they come to see me. I don't get uncomfortable when someone cries in front of me. You can sob, whimper, wail, ball and (I apologise in advance) snot all over me and I won't flinch. 

I get it. 

I understand that dark place too well to ever begrudge another sufferer the right to sob and snot as much as they need to in my salon and my presence. 

I'll grab the tissues, offer a hug or a reassuring shoulder squeeze when needed and then crack a joke (not hair relates obviously!) and well chat about absolutely anything other than hair until you feel calm and relaxed. Until you feel ready to continue ... 

My sons mental health nurse once stared open mouthed with a bewildered look on his face as I struggled to manage yet another if my sons severe temper tantrums. I stayed calm as I know I should. The nurse wasn't shocked at my calmness ... But what did shock him the fact that despite my sons temper tantrum my next door but one neighbour at the time came matching over wig her son of the same age screaming an kicking her, stopped before me and dramatically declared

"I can't cope with him you'll have to take him for a while!" 

True story! 

She proceeded to dump (and I mean she literally threw her son at me) and storm off back to her house next door but one. Even though she saw me trying to calm my own son down she still left her son (who was also in the autistic spectrum I might add) with me. 

So then I was in a double mission to calm both boys down. 

My own son had totally different needs to her sons so I felt momentarily terrified but I soon picked up on what was going to work for him and I for in with it. 

Both boys were calm within 20 minutes which I was secretly very proud of! 

When they were both settled I turned to my sons nurse .... 

"Do you see mug on my forehead???" I asked

He laughed. "No not at all" he whispered .... "I see problem solver" 

Excuse me while I get back in track! I seem to taken a little trip down memory lane right there ... 

The point is I like to help people. I love my job and I live my clients. Many become friends and as someone who refused to finish school due to being bald it's wonderful to have so many friends now as an adult. 

Late night messaging is not unusual and it's the messages like the one below that reinforce and feed the problem solver in me

CLIENT - 10.20pm and what am I doing? Bonding!!!!

ME - A girl after my own heart!!! I'm currently setting my rollers ...

CLIENT - Haha that's ace!

CLIENT - Cousin It!

ME - Not a good look :D Check out my Dolly Parton!!

CLIENT - Looks good! Beautiful!

The conversation went on a little longer and resulted in a very proud client with her topper successfully bonded and me .... well, with me looking and feeling very Dolly Parton.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Pretty Bald and myself on BBC5 Live!

Everyone who took part in the Pretty Bald calendar had high hopes that the Calendar would 'make a difference' in some way. 

Be it helping to raise awareness, bring in much needed funds for the charity AUK, show other sufferers that you don't have to hide away from the limelight just because you have alopecia. 

You can imagine our delight as news of the Pretty Bald calendar started to spread! United Kingdom, US, Sweden, Norway, China, Japan!!! 

WOW. This is amazing stuff! 

Last week I received a call from a lovely lady across at the BBC 5 Live show asking me if I'd like to have a chat about wigs and alopecia as four of the calendar girls would be in the studio talking about their experience of alopecia and shooting the calendar. I jumped at the chance! 

You can check out the show right here. 

Calendar sales are doing well but we need more people to head on over to the website and buy one or two to help us support AUK! Head on over to the pretty bald website now and help us out <3

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My Follea Gripper2 C5055 - An update!

A while ago I wrote about my new Follea Gripper2 wig in the colour C5055. You can take a look at that post right here.

Today I thought it would be useful to write a little update on how I'm getting along with my Follea C5055 that I named Kim! 

Just like i stated in my previous blog post it was love at first stroke for me and my C5055. The colour looked amazing and the hair felt as fantastic as it always does when it's Follea hair. I had no worries at all about getting on with the gripper cap construction as I'd been wearing a Gripper before i purchased my C5055 anyway! 

The length was what I had always been used to (the 14" layered, nice and long), sizing was the same so really the only difference was the colour. 

I went from my usual light blonde ..... 

To a considerably darker colour in around 60 seconds!... 

And here was the problem. 


For the past 5-6 years I've not faltered  once when it comes to a change in my alternative hair. Blonde, red, brown, black ..... heck I'll even go for pink if its available and I don't worry about the change anymore. 

For some reason though I struggled with this change quite a bit and it took me weeks to put my finger on the reason WHY i was struggling. 

So back in her pretty black Follea box Kim went and on went the light Blonde Follea Gripper2 wig that I'm 'used to'. 

To cut a long story short I did manage to figure out what was putting me off wearing Kim. The problem was she was my colour. She was as close as i was ever going to get to the colour of my natural hair before I lost it aged 12. 

So that's a good thing right!? 

Well as it turns out even after almost 20 years of having no natural hair of my own i guess i still kind of miss it. I'm human after all! 

As with all issues that come along on this crazy train ride we call life once you know what the issue is you can start working on it and then let it go. So i did just that. I accepted it, worked on it and I've let it go. 

Kim is now out of her box at least 3 times a week and on my head and I do love her. As daft and dramatic as this may sound my C5055 Kim is more than just a wig. She was the reminder I needed to allow myself to take a break and not feel 'weak' in still missing my own hair. Team that with the fact that she looks bloody fab-tastic and I'd say with out a shadow of a doubt that the money i spent on was well spent. 

Have you suffered from medical hair loss for a long time now? Do you miss your natural hair from time to time? I'd love to hear your story in the comments below.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Feeling very 'Dolly Parton' in my Follea ...

The other night at around 10pm when I probably should have been getting myself settled and ready to sleep I decided to have a play around with my Follea Gripper2 wig. 

Out came the rollers and pins and I got to work on it! 

My plan was to use my heated rollers to add a bit of body and bounce to my Follea wig for the next day but it came out a little different to what I had expected! 

The end result was more 'Dolly Parton' in my opinion :D 


Never fear though as by the morning she had dropped into a lovely flicked style <3 

Do you play around styling and changing the look of your alternative hair? I'd love to hear what you get up to in the comments below :-)