Saturday, 4 October 2014

In the spotlight! | The Elizabeth wig by Jon Renau

When I first started wearing hair around 18 years ago a synthetic wig was pretty laughable. 

Fancy caps and Mono tops were reserved for Human hair wigs. 

Oh how things have changed and thank goodness they have!

The Elizabeth by Jon Renau is One of the styles just launched in Jon Renau's 2014 Fall collection. On first glance this looks like a great style!

A slightly longer bob that is similar in look to the Alia wig by Jon Renau.

Elizabeth is a good deal more luxurious and more versatile compared to the Alia wig though! And here's why ....

The Elizabeth has one of the nicest cap constructions you're ever going to find.

100% hand tied with a full Monofilament top and a welded lace front from temple to temple. Due to being hand-tied, I've found that the fit may seem a little more snug which is a good thing for us ladies that have a smaller than average head size! If you need a little more security then you can always adjust the cap size in using the Velcro tabs at the nape.

The ear tabs and nape area on Elizabeth are velvet lined for the ultimate in comfort.

But wait! There's even more ...

The fibre used on Elizabeth is is Jon Renau's HD fibre. This fibre (HD = heat resistant!) is style able using heat. Yes you heard that correct!! You can use heat on this style to change up your look.

Blow drying, flat irons, heated rollers (a personal fave of mine) or curling tongs can all be used on HD fibre. You can, of course, just wear Elizabeth exactly as she comes as she looks pretty fabulous as is! Having the option to heat style this synthetic wig without it melting into a gooey mess is a nice little bonus though don't you think??

What do you think of the Elizabeth? Have you ordered her in for yourself yet?! 

I'd love to hear your comments :-) 

You can check out yesterday's blog on the Amber wig from the same collection right here.

Friday, 3 October 2014

In the spotlight! | Amber Jon Renau wig

Will I be adding the Amber to my own personal collection? Heck yes!!!

Will I be adding Amber to the salon collection? YES YES YES!!

I loved the look of this style as soon as I saw her in the brochure but what really sealed the deal for me was when I Skyped with Diana Ford from Jon Renau a couple of days ago. Guess what she was wearing during the Skype meeting?


Not only did I genuinely struggle to tell that she was wearing alternative hair but I also remember thinking to myself how FANTASTIC Diana looked with her hair that way.

Let's take a closer look at Amber ...

Amber is made using Jon Renau's classic high quality, fine texture synthetic fibre. This particular style is NOT heat resistant and you're going to want to be aware of this when you open the oven door whilst cooking tea (we've all been there right??)

In terms of length think about the Zara wig. Lovely and long and all girly. The Zara of course is a straight style and the thing I love about the amber is that she has a really natural wave to her that looks like you could have possibly styled your hair a day or two ago and now it's just looking all loose and sexy! Very easy to wear ...

Amber has plenty of layers so movement will be good. You turn and Amber hair will move also. The hair I mean not the whole base! Perfect for avoiding the dreaded 'Lego' hair look.

The length of Amber is great worn exactly as she comes. You can however get all creative with styling (remember no heat!) and create an array of different looks.
Try pinning the layers around your face back, loosely braiding sections and pinning, wearing in a loose pony tail or twist ...... the possibilities are endless!

Like I said .... I'll be ordering in an Amber for myself. I can't resist! And when I do I'll be sure to write a few tutorial blog posts on how you can style her differently.

Amber comes in a great selection of colours too. No vibrant reds in this style but the way I figure it is if I NEED  vibrant red in my collection then I can always go for the Giselle, Zara etc as they do come in more vibrant shades.

The cap construction of the Amber wig features a temple to temple welded lace front, Monofilament top and a wefted back and sides. Velvet ear tabs make this wig nice and comfortable and the size can be adjusted using the straps in the nape area.

Welded lace can feel a little stiff and rough at first but it soon warms when you're wearing it and starts to relax a little against your skin.

The open wefted back and sides allow air both in and out to help minimise overheating.

What do you think of the new Amber wig? Does she look like the kind of style that you'd like to own! 

Id love to hear what you think below in the comment. 

Remember to check back tomorrow! 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

6 New styles! | Jon Renau 2014 Fall Collection

Am I having another one of my random moments here? Maybe I'm reeling off a list of clients (Lets hope not with a name like Top Level!!)

You'll be pleased to know that I'm not totally cracking up (yet!) what I'm talking about is the new 2014 Fall collection from Jon Renau!

Twice a year I look forward to getting advance notice of the new collections and twice a year Jon Renau never fail to please me. In terms of style, colour options and cap designs Jon renau are very much on the ball which is why I'm so excited to be introducing you all to this new collection in to days post by walking you through the new collection.

Lets get some blurb from their new 2014 Fall collection brochure


"Jon Renau welcomes the golden autumn season with five new styles in the 1014 Fall collection.
As the weather cools and the runway looks roll out, change is in the air.
Jon Renau created these styles with emerging fall fashions in mind: posh pixies for the chairwomen; bohemian layers for the free spirit; long, thick tresses for the glamour maven; and even an integratable topper for the Jane-of-all-trends."


Jon Renau bring us a new human hair Smart Lace wig in this seasons collection. Gwyneth is an easy to wear length and style that comes ready to wear after minimal 'faffing'. Remy human hair ensures that the dreaded bird nest tangling wont occur and the colour choice that Gwyneth comes in is pretty cool.

I have to comment that the colour 12FS8 in Jon Renau's human hair wigs is one of the prettiest and most natural blonde's I've seen in a long time. The darker root colour is subtle and works well and the mix of ash blonde tones along with a golden blonde make it look like you get hi-lites in your hair.

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At first glance the Amber reminds me of the Adrianna Smart Lace wig. Upon further inspection though I began to notice a few differences which i think will appeal to more alternative hair wearers.
For one the Amber has a different cap construction (I'll go into detail on this during the week when I put Amber in the spotlight), Amber is longer overall than the Adrianna and more layered which is welcome!

One of my all time FAVE styles from Jon Renau is the Giselle wig <3 I love Giselle's layers and flicks. She's pure glamour! The new Amber reminds me of an even longer version (but not overwhelmingly long) of the Giselle.

REMEMBER TO CHECK BACK ALL THIS WEEK FOR A DETAILED LOOKS AT EACH WIG IN THIS COLLECTION. You can sign up to my Blog via email in around 30 seconds so you'll never miss a post again. The sign up box is in the right sidebar!


LOVE LOVE LOVE this style in the collection. Elizabeth is layered and a super easy to wear length. She's sexy, girly and will give you a free spirited bohemian look in mere seconds! Elizabeth also feature the HD (Heat Resistant) fibre so you can wear her straight, waved, curled ..... the skies the limits! Did I mention I loved her?? ...

Available in a great selection of colours with a good amount of darker and blonde shades as well as beautiful natural colours such as the 12/30BT.

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It's great to see shorted length styles being included in the new collection. The Elsa wig is also made using HD fibre so you can change up your look and style her using heat. One of my fave things to do with the HD fibre is to add waves. It's such an easy look to achieve using large heated rollers! Remember to let the rollers cool totally before removing or your HD fibre wont hold the curl or wave. Just a little tip for you there!

Again, fab selection of colours including a few rooted colour options too :-)

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Back in the day when I first started my journey as an alternative hair wearer who offers hair to other hair wearers (when I started my business!) I would have turned my mouth up at a machine made wig. I guess I was a wig snob back then as well as being totally brainwashed by a number of hideous experiences with machine made wigs during my teen years!!

The O'Solite collection by Jon Renau changed my opinion on machine made wigs! These bases are soft, light (in most cases the tag on each style probably weighs more than the actual wig itself), breathable and natural. The Elite will not disappoint :-)

Elite is a trendy, modern, chic short style that is super duper easy to wear and care for. Don't be fooled into thinking that because she's machine made that you won't be able to have any versatility with styling because you so will be able to!

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The Top Level is going to be an amazing all rounder I predict. This piece is NOT something that's only going to work if you're experiencing hair loss. Top Level is going to change the way people with even a full head of hair think about going out hair! Use Top Level to cover areas of concern or as an extension / volume piece for instant volume and glamour.

REMEMBER TO CHECK BACK ALL THIS WEEK FOR A DETAILED LOOKS AT EACH WIG IN THIS COLLECTION. You can sign up to my Blog via email in around 30 seconds so you'll never miss a post again. The sign up box is in the right sidebar!

So! That's the collection in a nut shell :-)

Come back and visit me everyday this week for a detailed look at each style where I'll be going into more detail about the cap construction and other specifics on each piece!

Are you excited about this new collection? I want to hear your comments below!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tilly the teddy joins the club!

My daughter won the right to bring her class teddy home with her for the weekend last Friday. She came bounding through the door all excited and full of ideas on what (and where) her and Till's adventures would take them ..... and me! 

Tilly came into the salon and enjoyed a luxury CND Vinylux manicure ...

She tried on a few styles and was particularly taken with the Julianne Jon Renau Smart Lace wig in the colour 24/22 ...

And she even went on to follow my daughter across the road to her weekly karate class where she was openly accepted by all the staff and students! 

Yet another example of just how much fun it is being a wig addict :D 

I was especially proud of how my daughter, even at 6 years old, is so relaxed with the idea of wigs and how they are just a normal part of life! There is no stigma in her mind about wigs .... no worry and definitely no shame in the fact that her mummy and her mummy's clients wear them. 

Isn't that how it should be all the time with everyone? 

I'd like to think that we take a teeny tiny step closer to that everyday <3 

Now I want to hear what YOU think? Have your experiences of wigs brought you negative or positive attention? Perhaps a mix of both!?

Monday, 29 September 2014

Will you join me on Facebook | Wig addict community!

Are you on Facebook? 

I know that most of us are these days, myself included! 

I have a page set up for Aspire hair which I post to on a regular basis. You can check out and like the Aspire Hair page here :)

Up until just a few days ago I have been combining all updates from my shop, website and this blog on the Aspire Hair page. The thing for me with my Aspire Hair FB page is that it is, essentially, a business page. Yes I know I can have some fun on there and be silly from time to time but when you have the possibility of hospitals snooping on your business page and the added possibility of them coming across your crazy ramblings about wig obsessions a girl starts to worry a tad about how such people may view Aspire as a business! 

Add the above with the fact that as well as Aspire being a business and the business being mine, I am also a hair wearer and alopecian and a genuine wig addict! 

So, which all this in mind I decided to create a separate FB page for my Blog :) You can pop across and like the page here (pretty please :D)

I'm hoping that together we can build a fun, friendly community that offers support, advice and educations on wigs. I'd love to get everyone chatting over there! 

As always your comments are more than welcome below <3