Monday, 18 January 2016

{GUEST BLOG POST} - Do you want your synthetic hair to last LONGER?

I suffer with androgenic alopecia and I have been wearing synthetic wigs for 4 years now and have a few tips on making them last longer.

I buy two wigs a year and have been wearing Codi by Rene Of Paris since the start. I find this style suits me and I love how convenient it is!

I usually stick to similar colours so when it's time to wear a new wig I tend to wear it just for work or going out and when I get home I take it off and put on an older 'conditioned' wig.

It takes just a few seconds but means the new wig is not on all day so doesn't need washing as much and of course it lasts longer.

How I wash my wigs: 

I have recently discovered a new product from Lush called Fun.

 It's perfect for my wigs and it makes them incredibly soft and smelling gorgeous for ages. The wig I'm wearing in the pic is 6 months old and was washed 6 days ago.

It still smells great despite me wearing my hair everyday and it is still very soft.

Please see the photo opposite with a step by step guide of how I use the Lush 'Fun' product to wash my hair.

I brush my wigs with a Tangle Teaser before washing and when my wig is fully dry.

Thanks for reading!