Saturday, 28 May 2016

Well That Was Unexpected!

I haven't blogged in  ages.

I have a good excuse though I promise you! Let me start at the beginning ....

I started the new year full of all the usual motivation and enthusiasm that is not unusual for the start of a brand shiny new year. I was going to work super hard, blog at least once a week, really get to grips with Instagram (I admit, I struggle) and i was going to FINALLY lose that excess weight I'd been carrying around with me since I had my daughter (my baby weight) granted I gave birth to her over 8 YEARS AGO NOW!!

I was motivated. I was focused. I was gonna do all that and more. Just watch me!

Well I have to say I got off to an amazing start - really I did. I joined Slimming World and lost almost a stone in weight by the end of January and I was working hard, still motivated and busier than ever.

Happy days!

One day nearing the end of January I started to feel a bit sick and had some tummy cramps. Convinced I had a water infection I decided that as soon as I'd got the weekend out of the way I would go see my doctor and get some medication. I cracked open a cart of cranberry juice and promised myself I wouldn't drink wine that weekend.

At this point my Mr Gary Jones was looking all concerned and thoughtful. He nipped to our local store and when he returned he handed me a £5 twin pack pregnancy test!!

Was he kidding me?

I'd had 2 kids and I knew that pregnancy always made me ridicuously sick. I had HG with my first for crying out loud and I think I knew my body well enough to know a water infection from being pregnant right?

Well ..... 4 pregnany tests later (I just didnt trust that value twin pack so decided to upgrade to another 2 pregnany tests that were digital) it was confirmed. I was pregnant. Holy crap!

 Total surprise. I was in shock mixed with a good deal of denial for a week.

The funny thing was I'd managed to lose a stone in weight (my baby weight from my daughter 8 years ago remember?) during my first 2 months of pregnancy and I never realised I was even pregnant.

I'm now 24 weeks along and very VERY excited to meet out little man!

I hadn't planned on more children but this pregnancy has made me realise that everything happens for a reason and that I am truely blessed.

And guess what!?

I havent been sick once and hardly even felt sick. So far I am blessed with a very easy pregnancy apart from the usual aches and pains that pregnancy presents.

And that stone I lost during January. I still havent put it back on yet so I still weigh less than I did in November before I fell preggers :D

It's business as usual in case anyone is worried and My wonderful assistant Georgia is going to hold the fort in the shop whilst I take a few weeks maternity leave when the time comes :)