Friday, 27 January 2017

Sentoo Premium Plus - My personal experience!

I'm sure you can imagine what it's like working day in, day out with so many wonderful wig styles when you're a wearer yourself.

I have to be pretty strict with myself NOT to purchase every style for myself!

One style that just kept catching my eye was the Sentoo Premium Plus style 502A.

She was literally calling to me. Whispering .... " go on, you know you want to!"

So I caved and I ordered one in for myself. I ordered one in 'just to try'.

Who was I kidding!

502A has fast become one of the most beautiful synthetic wigs I have ever owned (no Trendco are not paying me for this review all opinions are my own).

Here's my honest review of the Sentoo Premium Plus 502A style.

I was really excited waiting for the delivery of my Sentoo Premium Plus 502A. A bit like a kid waiting to open a Birthday present really!

When she arrived I opened up the box and the first thing I noticed was how incredibly soft the hair fibre was. Not just soft and fresh feeling like a new synthetic or heat resistant fibre wig but super duper soft.

Not only is the heat resistant fibre on my 502A wig super soft but It's also very lightweight too! The hair sways and moves like healthy human hair and that classic shine you can get with brand new synthetic wigs was not one bit present on my Sentoo 502A.

I loved the colour I had chosen - Colour 136 light Chestnut red. I find that if i ever want to wear darker hair colours then I definitely need some red tones in there to warm up my super pale skin tone!

After spending around ten minutes stroking the hair I thought it was time to check out the cap and was so happy to see a mostly had tied cap with silicone at the ear tabs and across the top of the head, a nice true transparent lace front and a full single layer mono top. The circumference size can be adjusted using the Velcro straps at the nape - easy enough!.

A word on sizing .... Although advertised as a medium average I'd have to say that this wig fits much more like a small. I have a 20.5 inch head circumference and the 502A fits me really well. It's nice and snug and grips against my scalp thanks to the silicone areas.

So there I was, super soft hair, fab cap and a good fit! The one and only thing that bugged the hell out of me was how bouncy the fringe was. It literally drove me crackers so I blow dried in a parting (I used a low heat setting) and quickly ran my low heat hair straighteners through the fringe so it would sit flatter. That is all I have done to her so far.

My absolute most fave thing about this style is that due to the hair being so light weight and the cap having silicone areas that grip to a bare scalp you can easy wear a high ponytail with no worry of the weight of the hair pulling the cap out of position <3 

I really love the waves in the 502A and have no intention of making her straight. I've heard that if she is completely straightened out it can be hard to get the wave / curl back into her but as she ages and friction occurs I will use my straighteners to re-fresh her and then use my low heat rollers to add a wave back to her. (I'll blog about how that goes when I do it!)

All in all I can say with some confidence that my love for this style is not going to fade.

I hope that the company that manufactures the Sentoo premium plus collection adds to the style range to include some blond shades that are rooted in colour. I'd definitely be adding one of those to my collection!

I'd love to hear what you think of this style. Have you worn it before? Let me know!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

The pattern of "I'm sorry" when you're dealing with hair loss ...

How are those New Years resolutions going?

I'm going to be totally honest here when I tell you that I gave up making New Years resolutions about 5 years ago! I never stuck to them and it always ended up making me feel down in the dumps when I either fell off the diet wagon or broke one of my resolutions.

No one needs that amount of extra pressure placed on their shoulders right!? I mean, life can be hard enough without placing even more expectations on ourselves.

I converted my 'resolutions' into tiny teeny mini goals instead (what I like to call my baby steps!) and I only set myself 2 main goals for the year. One main goal in my personal life and one main goal for my business. Anything else I want to do or achieve goes on my 100 things to do list for the year.

OK - So why am i even sharing this with you you say!?

Well, over the past 7 years since I started Aspire I've noticed a pattern with the lovely ladies I see and I was just the same when I was in my dark place immediately following losing my hair. One day (when I'm brave enough) I'll share my whole story but right now I'm not that brave. We all have something that scares us would you agree?

Back to this pattern I noticed ..... Women come and see us and one of the first things they say is "I've been putting this off for so long, I'm so scared and nervous I feel so weak!".

And then the tears start rolling and do you know what the next thing the lovely lady sat across from me says? She says "I'm sorry".


It breaks my heart a little more every time I hear such wonderful women say that to me because you don't have anything to be sorry for. You're not weak because you cry. You're not a failure because you've 'allowed' yourself to feel sad due to your hair loss. YOU'RE HUMAN. YOU'RE A WOMEN. Our hair is kind of a big deal to us and that's OK. It's not 'just hair' it is a HUGE part of who we are an how we see ourselves. It's our crowning glory.

It's OK to cry and feel sad because it's changing, going or gone. It's more than OK. It's necessary.

You might wonder and think to yourself 'I bet Emma's business goal this year is to make X amount of money but actually I've never been much of a money orientated kinda girl. It doesn't really have any impact on my happiness and I know there will be people out there who can totally relate with me on that! It took me a while to figure it out but I realised that what makes me happy is when I make other people feel happy.

Such a simple thing, who knew! :D

My business goal this year is to make sure that I do my absolute best to help every single person that I cross paths with this year due to Aspire Hair walk away from me feeling more positive and more confident (even if just a little!).

I think it's the best goal I've ever set myself <3

My big personal goal this year involves eating healthier food more often but I'm not gonna hold my breath on this one. I'm a foodie and I'm curvy .... maybe I should just make my peace with that and wear the bloody body-con dress anyway!!

I'd love your feedback on today's post. Did you struggle with guilt and feeling weak when you lost your hair? Maybe you grabbed the bull by the horns and said ' F**K you hair loss I'm going to be fabulous either way darling!'.

I genuinely want to hear your experiences and I know that other readers will take great comfort from hearing them too.

PS - You'll notice the blog theme being updated over the next few weeks. Don't panic, It's just one of the things on my 100 things to do list ;)